Realist Demon King – 21

The Saint, The Maid and Preparations


The girl called herself Jeanne d’Arc.


Searching through my knowledge, I recalled that she was a saint who lived in a place called Europe in another world.


She had a revelation from God at a young age, and so donned armor and picked up a sword. She would then become a hero who saves her country of France from the invading country known as England.


But she was caught by her enemies and burned at the stake. That was how her life had ended, and yet, she had apparently been summoned to this world.


I whisper to Eve.


“…Can a Hero come here by their own accord?”


“I have heard of such cases. But there are also times when the master who summons a Hero dies, and that Hero becomes a free wanderer.”


“But which is she?”


“I do not know.”


“I see. However, this is a stroke of good luck. Providential aid. I can add a Hero to my ranks without the need for a drifted relic.”


“But she may be an enemy spy.”


“That is true.”


Though, it was difficult to believe that such a girl could be a spy.

Jeanne d’Arc had died a Hero for God and her people.

Would such a person work as a spy?


I said as much to Eve.

“You are too kind to girls, master.”

She answered.


Eve was not likely to give me any more answers, and so I asked Jeanne.


“So you wish to work for me?”


“Yes. It is God’s will.”


“You will swear allegiance to me then?”


“If it is God’s will.”


“Why are you in this world?”


“Because it is God’s will.”




Did she have a low vocabulary?

Still, I do believe that Jeanne d’Arc was known for being a devout believer.

I looked towards Hijikata Toshizou.

A madman who wanted a place to die and a religious zealot who listened only to god.

Was this the best I could hope for in terms of Hero subordinates?


Well, perhaps it was the duty of a king to be able to handle such odd generals and make use of them.


“Very well. Jeanne, if you will serve me because it is god’s will, does that mean you will also kill me if it is his will?”




She nodded.


“I am going on a journey to the dwarf homelands. There, I will speak to their chief. I will require a guard. I am thinking of leaving that role to you.”


“Are you mad!?”


Eve said, but I ignored it.


“I could also leave her here and take Toshizou with me instead.”


“…Th-that, won’t…”


Eve knew that this would hardly do either.

If Jeanne really was a spy, then my castle would be as good as overrun.


realist demon king

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