Realist Demon King – 16

The Lion King’s Demise


The fight between Hijikata Toshizou, vice-captain of the Shinsengumi, and Lion King Sabnac was a marvel.

They both had different weapons and skills.

Toshizou had an Izuminokami Kanesada.

The best Japanese sword.


Swords made by craftsmen from the Kamakura era that were used in Minonokuni were the most famous, but Hijikata’s sword was made in the Bakumatsu era in Aizu.


Of course, it was not as valuable as something from the Kamakura era, but its sharpness was in no way inferior.


If anything, swords from the Bakumatsu era have probably cut many more people than swords from the Kamakura era.


In any case, this man called Hijikata Toshizou, had killed many with this blade.


Outlaw ronins ran rampant during that era and as Sacchou’s dogs, would later be called the army of the new government. And it was this sword that had killed many of them.


But Demon King’s Sabnac’s great sword was a fine match for it.

This great sword was crafted by a sword maker who lived in a mountain tribe in the farthest reaches of Glorieus.


It was said that the blood of sinners was used to strengthen the steel, and it was enchanted with powerful magic, making it much lighter than most greatswords. And yet the fact that it dealt the full force of a heavy greatsword, marked it as an advanced cheat item.


In terms of weaponry, it was hard to say that it was not a draw.

The only thing left was their skill as warriors, but this too was nearly equal.

Hijikata Toshizou and Sabnac’s swords clashed.

Sparks flew into the air and the loud clangs echoed.

It was the kind of fearsome sight that resembled a religious painting.


There was something mystical and dream-like in the battle that played out between this foreign samurai and this native Demon King.


They were so closely matched in power, and they never allowed the other to press in.

It was almost an honor to be able to watch them.

That was my honest feeling, but this moment would not last forever.

They had appeared to be evenly matched, but there was really a slight difference.


It was so small, that no one could have noticed it at first. But when it came to battles between masters, that small gap tended to slowly widen.


Hijikata Toshizou was gaining the upper hand.

Demon King Sabnac was being pushed back towards the wall.




The Lion roared. With a slash, Toshizou had cut his arm open.


It was the first time blood had been drawn since this duel began.

Nothing could be more humiliating for the Lion King.

He had not taken any damage at all since this battle began.

No, he had not taken damage in years.


It would not have been so bad if he were up against a fellow Demon King, but a mere Hero? And some tiny man. It was nothing short of disgraceful.


That shame turned to rage, and then darkness.

Dueling was about your pride as a warrior. That is what Sabnac had thought.

It was a battle of swords against swords, and nothing else should enter into it.

He believed that once, but he could no longer stick this rule.

He was about to lose the trust of his subordinates. They would kill him even if he survived this.

In order to avoid that, he must not only kill this easterner but also Demon King Ashtaroth.

And so Sabnac pulled out a crystal ball from his pocket.


This crystal ball had magic sealed within. The one he used earlier had farsight, simple magic. But this one was different.


This one had a Majin sealed inside.

A fire monster known as Ifrit.

If he unleashed it, this little fighter would turn into dust with one shot.

And so Sabnac threw the crystal ball to the ground without a second thought.

It shattered at Toshizou’s feet. The temperature in the area shot up suddenly.

A magic circle of fire appeared at their feet, and the monster, with its burning body, began to materialize.


The monster grabbed Toshizou’s body and attempted to burn him.

Toshizhou groaned but did not scream.

He was courageous and his pride was too strong.


Even when his opponent had resorted to cowardly tricks, he did not curse him or ask me for help.


But he would probably die if things continued like this.

And I wasn’t going to allow that to happen.

His life was too valuable to me to let the cat king snuff him out.

It wasn’t the demon who had to die today, it was the cat.


And so I summoned a water spirit to resist the Ifrit.

It was an Undine.


A woman with beautiful skin flowed out of the bottle I was holding and attacked the Ifrit.


Her flowing hair turned into a river and put out the Ifrit’s flames.


The Ifrit would normally be higher in rank, but there was a difference in being summoned through a crystal ball and being summoned by a Demon King directly, that made up for it.

And it didn’t take long for the Ifrit to be sent back to the spirit world.


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