Realist Demon King – 17

Head Maid – Eve’s Diary

The diary of the Head Maid of the Ashtaroth Army.

Several weeks have passed since I was given life by Master Ashtaroth.


My purpose for being summoned here was to share knowledge of this world, which he had lacked. And it has been a succession of surprising events ever since.


While he had no knowledge of this world at first, he was able to adapt quite quickly.


He has the kind of calmness that makes you think he was, in fact, born here.


His grace and elegance have not gone unnoticed by the female monsters of the castle. The succubi have been the least shy in showing an interest in earning his affections.


I will have to increase the security around his sleeping quarters.


While many things have surprised me until now, the most surprising is the way he thinks.


My master, –Demon King Ashtaroth was the weakest of the 72 Demon Kings.

However, he was able to destroy a stronger Demon King in just one week.

He was able to take his possessions and expand his own army.

All in such a short amount of time.

First, he pretended to show reverence towards Count Ismalia.

Then he pretended that he wanted to serve Demon King Sabnac, and asked for help.

This allowed him time to assault Sabnac’s base as these two parties fought.

It had all played out very well. And I had no reason to complain.


After that, he was able to take the enraged Demon King Sabnac’s bid for revenge, and turn it around.


I wonder how many other Demon Kings have killed a fellow Demon King within a month of being born?


As one who is called a walking database, I have no memories of that happening before.


Once Sabnac was killed, my master immediately started to move.

He sent out troops to go to Sabnac’s castle and took any remaining materials and treasures.

And without hesitation, he had the castle torn to the ground.


Usually, one would want to keep and maintain a castle once it has been taken, but when I asked him about this, he replied coldly.


“I cannot protect two castles with my current fighting power. And so this castle must be destroyed. We would not want some other Demon King or human claiming it.”


Many of the monsters still disagreed with him, but he calmly declared:


“In the present, I am not interested in rocks and castles and towns. But the people that live there, they are his fortune as well. And so I will take the people that lived in Sabnac’s town with me.”


Hearing this, I and the other sensible monsters were greatly impressed.

Even Hijikata Toshizou was surprised.

The population that lived around the castle towns of Demon King’s were usually seen as having little worth outside of labor.


There were demons, humans, demi-humans, beasts and many other types of people living there, and there was a set hierarchy, but all were exploited by the Demon King.


Conquered peoples were often treated like slaves, but my master currently treats Sabnac’s people more like citizens.


They were forced to relocate to Ashtaroth Castle, but they were allowed to keep their belongings and status as commoners.


In other words, there were no slaves under Ashtaroth Castle.

I knew for a fact, that this was quite the exception among the 72 Demon Kings.

No, even among the cities of men.

I was so overcome with curiosity, that I once asked him about this.


“Master, why do you not have a slave class?”


His face looked a little troubled at this question, and he answered.

“…I do not…think it is pity. After all, while they may all be commoners, this castle operates off the taxes we get from their labor.”


“So it is for profit?”


“It is. That makes the most sense. There were also slaves in the world that I once lived in. I do not believe that it is efficient. Productivity needs the incentive that is a rising income.”


“…I understand.”


“We live off of the backs of their labor, but in exchange, I will work even harder. I think it is my job to create a decent working environment for them.”


He declared, and there was something dignified about him then.

And so I replied without thinking.


“Then I will devote my body and soul into helping you realize this ideal.”


He looked slightly embarrassed by this but said:

“Thank you,”

And continued to enjoy the cup of tea that I had poured for him.

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