Realist Demon King – 30

The Death of a Sworn Friend


We allowed the dwarven troops to escape while the three of us held off the enemy.

I had no idea if luck would be with us or not.


However, Sharltar had no intention of allowing the dwarves to get away, and he immediately sent more soldiers in to flood the area.


At this point, we just needed to ignite the explosives, but it wouldn’t be so easy.


Our enemies were in much greater numbers than I had expected, and igniting the explosives which were divided into two separate places at the same time would be complicated.


I was sure that we would have to do something about the number of zombies here first.


“I didn’t expect there to be so many.”

I grumbled.


“He must have taken people from neighboring villages and even travelers as well. Because, not all of these zombies our from my people.”


Gottlieb speculated.


“Surely not. He would become hated by humans. What would the neighboring countries think?”


Jeanne said with surprise.


“However, you can see for yourself. There are human zombies.”


Indeed, there were human zombies. They walked towards us with their vacant eyes and attacked.

I dodged one and then thrust my magically enhanced fist into its face. Its head went flying.


“Well, I don’t really care what he may be thinking. Perhaps we can inform the humans of this and encourage them to send troops against him. However, such plans will have to wait. We must escape from here alive.”




The Saint with golden hair said as she swung her sword.

With each swing, five zombies fell.




Said the old dwarf in goggles. His battleaxe turned a lesser demon into minced meat.


They were both very reliable.

I had every intention of keeping up with them, and began to chant the beginning of a spell. However, something stopped me.

Magic was flying towards me from far away.

It was a mass of energy.

This magic was a type of energy bolt called a magic arrow.

The arrow was thick and sharp.

It immediately told me that the person who cast it was no ordinary Sorcerer.

The amount of magic, intent to kill, all of it was almost excessive.


I was hardly surprised when I saw who it was.

It was him.

The devil who attacked the dwarves’ homeland and turned them to subjects for his experiments.

He had stepped out to the frontlines.

Now, there was no reason to wait in igniting the bombs.

Once I thought this, I cut down the zombie in front of me and signaled to Jeanne.

Then I sent a telepathic message to Gottlieb as he crushed a devil to death.


‘…You can both pull back.’


They both looked surprised at this.


It had been part of the plan all along, but we had not predicted that there would be this many monsters.


And so Saint Jeanne did not stop her slaughter of the zombies. It seemed that she decided to stay until the end.

She would not leave me here alone.

It was kind, for sure, but I still had to ask Gottlieb to take care of the matter.


‘Gottlieb. Please toss that girl into the escape tunnel.’




Gottlieb took Jeanne by the collar and threw her down the tunnel.

Then he used his own axe to cut a rope that was above the tunnel’s entrance.

There was a huge crash, and the tunnel was sealed.

I could hear Jeanne’s voice from the other side of the boulders.


“Demon Lord. This is not fair. I will fight with you until the end. God will not forgive me if something were to happen to you.”


She shouted, but her voice was small.

It was proof of how thick the wall of boulders was. And that was troublesome for one reason.


“Sir Gottlieb. You have closed the entrance. But how will you escape now?”


realist demon king

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