Realist Demon King – 1


The Legendary Rebuilding of a World by a Realist Demon King

Author: 羽田遼亮

The Demon King Awakens



The word echoed in my brain as I woke up.


My awareness feels mingled like a muddy stream.


All kinds of knowledge and wisdom fills my brain, and my consciousness becomes clear.


However, while I had awakened to my own self, I did not know where I was.


Because I had no memories.


“…Where is this place?”


I look around me.

Bare rocks. A dark room. A magical circle lies at my feet.

Was it some kind of cavern?


I mumbled to myself, and from nowhere in particular,


Came a voice.


It was an oddly cheery and clear voice. But I couldn’t see anyone when I looked around.

Who is it?

I ask, and a casual female voice returns.


“Hello, Demon King Ashtaroth. Or maybe I should call you Ashta. Whichever you like.”


The name Ashta sounded familiar. I think it had been my name once.


While thinking too hard gave me a headache, I did have a memory of being the lord of a small village somewhere.


As I thought this, the girl said, ‘bingo!’ once again.


“That is correct. Your name is Ashta. However, that’s in the past. Now you are the Demon King Ashtaroth, who was chosen by me, the transcender. Of course, you can be called whatever you like. Ashta works as a nickname for Ashtaroth, so you should go by the one you like best.”


Which do you like? She asked lightheartedly. And so I said, ‘Ashta.’ ‘Alright, Ashta it is,’ she smiled.


No, I couldn’t see her, so I didn’t know if she actually smiled.


“Oh, would it be better if you could see me?”


She asks as if reading my mind. The answer was yes.


The essence of something was not necessarily in its shape, but I could tell that we were about to talk about something important.

In that case, we should sit face to face in full view of each other.

The girl now started to materialize after reading my thoughts.

Creating a body for this world.


At first, the empty air seemed to distort, then it overflowed with a powerful energy. Space seemed to twist and tear apart.


Two hands and then a head popped out, and then the rest of what was a young girl with silver hair.


She must have been 13 to 14.

Very young. She looked more like a noble than a village daughter.

She wore plain, patternless clothes and a mantle.

Her overall impression was less cute and more a dignified beauty.

If there was such a thing as a goddess, she would be just like her.

I said as much with a whisper, and she chuckled.


“So you think I’m a goddess. Well, I have transcended everything, after all. But I am no god. I can bring people back to life, transport or reincarnate, but I can’t meddle in this world. That makes me rather incomplete.”


She continued.


“But I have the kind of power that would make humans as you think of me as a god. It’s too much trouble to explain though, so you can call me a god if you want.”


She had given her permission, and I couldn’t think of any nickname for her, so I decided that she would go by that from now on.


“O Goddess, I have awakened. And I have been given all kinds of wisdom. However, I do not have a past. I have no memories. Who am I?”


“It would be possible for me to tell you, but is your past all that important?”


“It is.”


“I don’t see how it is. What’s important to humans is the present and future, I think. Of course, you are no longer human. You are a Demon King.”


“I’m a Demon King?”


“Exactly. You are a Demon King. One of 72 Demon Kings in this world. The fruitful Demon King Ashtaroth.”


“So I was reborn as a Demon King.”


“Exactly. I did it so you could reform this world. Well, the gods did.”


“So, does that mean that I have to live as the Demon King from this day on?”


“You do. Do you not want to?”


“It is not that I don’t want to. If anything, I feel strangely happy.”


“I thought so. You are very promising. The other gods didn’t want you for the post, because you have no special abilities. But I fell for your talents and chose you.”



“That you are a realist. Normally, a person who wakes up in your situation would be in quite the panic. They would be confused. They wouldn’t be able to answer properly. But you have easily accepted reality, and have adapted. I think that that is a talent. And so I saved you after such an unfortunate death, and you were reborn in this world.”



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    • Have you read The Realist Hero’s Kingdom Restoration Chronicles also known as Genjitsushugi Yuusha no Oukokusaikenki. The main MC is a realist and Japanese and sooo damned well written you would swear it was written by a non-Japaneses. By well written I mean that the MC is intelligent, note black hole dense and a bit ruthless without being a psycho or sadistic. You would swear he’s not Japanese at all. Warning it is a harem so if you don’t like those kind of novels then it may not be for you.

  1. I get vibes from “Dungeon Defence” and “Simple Job of only Perishing to the Hero” from this, although this is only chapter 1 but that’s my first impressions so far . . . Need more chapters.

  2. I was attracted by the novel because the summary said he will kill the hero lv.1 but now i’m a bit disappointed because there have 72 demon kings which meant there have more than one hero..

  3. I don’t
    I’m really sceptical about this
    Most from the way the author proclaimed the mc as a realist. If that proclamation don’t live to expectation, it will cringe me.

  4. Thanks for the chapter, this beginning give me a feeling about realistic hero and the simple job of only perishing to the hero

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