Jack of all Trades – 104

Great Adventurer ≠ Great Adult

“Young Penrose, if you insist on being the cause of further trouble, we can always strip you of your membership. What will it be?”



While he may have been the guild master’s son, he was also an Adventurer. And so he was not permitted to break the rules. Or so the guild worker said. Penrose seemed to be of the opinion that being the son of the guild master made him superior, but the rest of the world was not so naive. The world was not kind. And he was quickly defeated in the face of this possibility. There also seemed to be a hidden threat behind the words. There would be no second chances after this. This guild worker was not to be played with.


“Damn it… Why, why is this happening to me…!”


Young Penrose didn’t seem remorseful at all. He glared at the floor with rage. As for me, I was standing next to Gardo as the guild worker explained things to us. ‘As you can see, he is this way, so please be careful with how you handle him.’ It seemed a little strange for the guild master’s own son to be treated as a problem child, but apparently, the guild master himself was having trouble. And so the other workers were told to be severe. Was there ever a more annoying creature? And how was I supposed to prevent something like this? I didn’t want to be around this place. I would leave.


“There weren’t even any good quests, so I’m leaving. What about you, Gardo?”

“I found a good one, so I’ll be going with Ness. I’ll tell him that we met.”


Gardo must have gotten up early for that. If only… I bet it’s going to pay well too.


“Well then, we should have dinner together. With the money you’ll be making, of course.”

“Bastard! I’m not exactly rich over here! …Oh, alright. The Anthill is cheap, but good.”

“The Anthill? That’s an odd name.”

“Their meat is stacked like an anthill. It’s crazy.”

“Hmm, Daniela will be pleased.”


And with that settled, we had secured our dinner. And it had been a while since I met Gardo, so it wasn’t a terrible morning. Now then, I might as well explore the town a little… Daniela would have surely gotten up by now. Maybe we can go on a date!


“Hey, wait. You mediocre Adventurer.”



Young Penrose called after me as I was about to leave.


“Let’s stop calling people mediocre.”

“Shut up! You’ve really inconvenienced me today! I demand an apology!”

“What? I’m the one who had to suffer. There were no good quests, and I had the likes of you trying to pick a fight.”

“Who cares about that! You can help me on my quest! Then I might forgive you!”


What the… Was this guy crazy?”


“You know, as a G ranker, you are not likely to succeed in any hunting quest. Those start at F rank.”

“That means nothing to me. I said I would do it, and so I will.”

“Well, you better go and do it then. Leave me out it.”


I turned around and headed for the door. I didn’t have time to play with the little shit. And I definitely didn’t need his forgiveness. And who knows what other problems would arise? It had nothing to do with me.

I quickly moved towards the exit. I was making plans about what I would do next and throwing out any thought of the little shit from my mind. But when I opened the door, it was me who was thrown out.




The sudden impact on my back threw me off the floor and I went rolling outside of the guild. My face hit the dirt. The suddenness of it all baffled me as I turned around.


Ah, what a surprise… His foot was still extended out as he stood there.


“Hmph. That is what happens when people ignore me. Mediocre Adventurer.”



I was completely out of patience now. I didn’t do anything to deserve this. I’d have to give him a lesson on how to behave around people. Of course, with my fists.


“You shouldn’t be so disrespectful to adults.”

“I obey adults. If they are superior to me.”

“Oh? Then let’s hear it. What kind of adult is superior?”


Penrose snorted under my glare and proceeded to explain it to me.


“First, they must be an Adventurer. Challenge danger, brave the unknown and leave great results. A man has to leave town and go on an adventure. Travel, make money, carry strong weapons, and wear quality armor. Adventurers with cheap clothing like you are a laughing stock! And an adventurer should strive to have an alias! Yes, that is the dream. That is a guild rule that everyone knows. Though, someone as mediocre as you would never come close to getting one! Do you understand now? Strong weapons, strong armor. A second name. A brave and curious Adventurer is a truly superior adult!”


Isekai ni Kita Boku wa Kiyoubinbode Subaya-sa Tayorina Tabi o Suru Jack of all Trades

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