Realist Demon King – 2

Monster Summoning Ritual

And so I awoke after sleeping for hundreds of years.

Let me summarise what I know.

Most of my memories are lost, but some remained.

I can read and write and have general knowledge.


What I didn’t have, was specific memories. Memories of childhood and adulthood.


But I can say with confidence, that my abilities far surpass what they were before my awakening.


I was just a normal human before, but now I am a Demon King. If I wanted to, I could destroy a boulder that is the size of a house.


This was very good.

That was about all I knew at the moment, but maybe that was all that I needed to understand.

What I needed to find out now, was what I should do from this point on.


As a Demon King, I was supposed to aim for the highest position in this world. But where did you start?


I would ask.


“Goddess, what should I do now?”


“As I said before, I want you to become the greatest of the Demon Kings. You should defeat all 71 of them. If not, you can also take away their ability to resist you. Then you would have won. Then you will be known as the Great Demon King.”


The Goddess continued in detail.


“This place is the Demon King Castle which will be your base of operations. And the Demon King Castle has a core that spreads out.”


“This is the Demon King Castle? I thought that it was a cave.”


“Yes, it’s interior is pathetic now, and it has only just been created. It’s the opposite of dignified. But as you grow stronger, and gain new abilities, you will be able to expand it. So do not worry.”


“I understand.”


“Also, the Demon King Castle is an extension of this core. But if the core is destroyed, well, it will be game over.”


“Which means?”


“Try putting a hand to your heart.”


I did. I could hear my heart beating.

I realized that it was in sync with the pulsating of the core.


“Correct. This core is a part of your heart. If it is destroyed, you will die as well. To be exact, you will no longer be Demon King.”


“So, it must no be allowed to break at all costs.”




“Does that mean that the other Demon Kings have something similar to this?”


“Bingo. Very good, Ashta. That is correct. In other words, to win you will have to destroy their cores, make them your subordinates through diplomacy, or disarm them by some other method.”


“That’s clear and simple. However, while I can attack other castles, this place will be unguarded in the meantime.”


“Exactly. And so you must now make the strongest army there ever was.”


“The strongest army?”


“Didn’t I tell you? This castle can be expanded. And it has the ability to create the monsters that will become your servants. For instance, if you combine frozen earth and a rune, you will be able to create a polar golem. Combine a pregnant pig with a dried gecko and you will create an orc. That is how you will increase your minions.”


“That sounds very typical of a Demon King.”
“Well, you are a Demon King. Now, let’s get straight to business then.”


The Goddess wanted me to create monsters right away.

But I did not know how.

And so I asked that she do it the first time.


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