Two Saints wander off into a Different World – 26

Hopeless Guys

“Norfe, Chouze, where were you two!”


It was unusual for Nyran to call to them. Norfe replied as he always did.


“Where? We were at the hot spring.”

“No, you weren’t.”

“Uh, yes we were.”

“But we didn’t see you.”


Chouze said in a small voice.
“Huh? You came to see?”

“Uh, not to see, to search. You know?”


Nyran said a little flustered.


“We were fine. The innkeeper told us. The locals will avoid places where families or women have gone inside. So it was safe… What happened to you two?”


Kaider’s face was buried in the table, and Nyran had a hand on the wall and was looking down.


“That’s strange. We went up to the top because we wanted to see the beautiful sunrise. But there were two women up there, so we went on the opposite side. The sunrise was so pretty.”

“It really was. Huh? Kaider? Nyran?”


Norfe and Chouze were talking happily, but then they stopped to look at Kaider and Nyran with surprise.


“Okay, fine. I’m sorry. We’ll tell you from now on. But don’t act so strict next time, okay?”


Norfe said with a little exasperation.


“Hey, Norfe. Since it was far away and so dark, maybe the two women they saw were actually children?”

“That’s true.”

“No, they were definitely women.”

“Don’t say that, you idiot!”

“What, so you saw?”


Norfe asked with deep interest.


“I didn’t see! I didn’t! But, it kind burned into my eyes…”

“What an idiot…”


Nyran looked up at the ceiling as Kaider let it slip.




Both of them were annihilated by Chouze’s small voice.


Maki and Chiharu left them and returned to their room, where they celebrated their success.


“Burned into your eyes? Who says that?”


Maki said in a huff.


“Kaider, of course.”

“Well, leaving that aside, the problem was that our black hair was in view.”

“They didn’t seem to be focused enough on our hair, so we’re probably fine.”


They were not sure if that was a good thing.


“Anyway, we will continue to feign ignorance! Ahhh, I want to stay here for a long time.”

“We can come again!”

“That’s true. We should keep moving for now.”


Corail had a warm climate due to being on a mountain with hot springs, and there were some unusual fruits here. There was one that was a soft, green ball that when peeled, was white on the inside.


“It’s like lychee.”

“Oh yeah.”


As there was not a lot of them, they were very thankful to the innkeeper who had served it to them as a breakfast dessert. Even Kaider and Nyran, who had not had much of an appetite, accepted the fruits, and they all headed to the capital in a better mood.


As for whether or not Kaider and Nyran were truly sorry.


“I do think that it was careless. We don’t know who might have been there, so we should have been careful. But I was sure that I heard Norfe’s voice.”

“But they said they were on the other side, so that’s probably what you heard.”

“Yes, probably. But still…”


“You know, it was a sight for sore eyes.”

“You’re such an idiot.”

“Oh, are you going to pretend that you didn’t see anything?”

“…I did see…”


They were not.



Two Saints wander off into a Different World

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