Two Saints wander off into a Different World – 26


“They were very slender. With pale skin and curves that, and the contrast with the black hair was…”

“Wait-wait-wait a second.”


“They had black hair.”

“Ah, AHH!”

“Yes! Is there anyone else with black hair? Kaider, you locked eyes, didn’t you?”

“Uh, yeah. But the body was more…”

“Damn, you are so stupid.”

“Alright, alright. Uh, the eyes…were black…”


They looked at each other.


“The Saintesses!”

“The Saintesses!”

“No, it can’t be.”

“After all, the Saintesses were being unveiled at the same time we were in Midland.”

“How could they come to Corail so quickly? No, no. And there’s no one else here that looks to be a part of their party.”

“That’s true. Still, it would at least explain the miasma getting thinner… We should have looked more closely.”

“And you were so harsh with me, Nyran.”

“Idiot. I’m talking about during the unveiling ceremony.”

“Oh, right.”

“If they really are the Saintesses, they will need guards.”

“We’re supposed to protect the little runts and make reports to the capital.”
“Yes. This is all so confusing.”


And so the two men savored that small happiness, and continued on to the capital, without knowing that they were actually guarding the Saintesses.


It took 10 days to reach the capital. As they slowly descended from the last town, they came into a wide valley and the capital of Greige entered their view.


“Look at the castle.”



There was no large building in sight.


“Maybe it is hard to see if you are used to seeing the castles in Midland or the inlands. Look, you can see smoke rising near the blacksmith’s district.”

“So that’s the blacksmith district. I see. You mean that two-story building that looks like a gymnasium?”

“Gymnasium? I don’t know what that is, but yes. Where a lot of buildings are crowded together.”

“Huh…it looks very cozy.”

“Right? This is the kingdom of smithing. Even the royal family have to be good blacksmiths. And so there is a smithy in the castle as well. You could even say that it is the center of origin for the blacksmith district.”

“I see. This is your home, right Kaider?”

“Yes. I know all the best and cheapest places. We’ll take you two there.”

“But we need to find an inn first.”


Norfe said.


“Uh, are you sure that you don’t want to stay with me? It’s pretty big, and my mother and brothers would be overjoyed.”

“We’re very grateful, but we can’t impose on you like that.”

“Kaider, let them.”


Nyran interjected. They evaded the worried Kaider as the carriage stopped in Greige.


“We’ll take see you to your inn. But we have business to attend to after that, so, unfortunately, you’ll have to have dinner alone. We’ll be back in 2 to 3 days to tell you are plans, so enjoy the capital in the meantime.”

“I know, and we’ll be fine.”

“Still, the town seems a little more excited than usual.”


Nyran said as he got out of the carriage and looked around. Birdfolk were noisily descending from the sky.


“Is it Orne again? How annoying.”


Orne’s pouch was brown. These two proudly showed their green and red pouches.


“Sauro and Saikania!”

“Sauro and Saikania!”

“Ma-, no, uh…Norfe and Chouze.”

“What happened?”

“Soldiers are being sent to the dungeons from Midland.”


Sauro whispered into Chiharu’s ear.


“Aeris, Grudo and Edwy are coming.”

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  1. I really want to see when Aeris reunites with Chiharu. Thinking about it, it would be funny if he gets mistaken as a lolicon LOL

    I don’t know why but I like Maki better than Chiharu, so I feel a little sad that Chiharu is always treated as cuter.

    Thanks for the chapter!!

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