Realist Demon King – 3

The Demon King’s Secretary

The pale limbs of a woman slipped out from the pot.

She was naked. Just as she was born.


I wasn’t sure where to look, but the Goddess said, ‘A gentleman should not stare,’ and so I looked away.


The sounds of rustling could be heard behind me. The Goddess had prepared clothes and the secretary was thrusting her arms through the sleeves.


“Woah, you have bigger breasts than me.”


I heard.

After a while, they said that I could turn around, and so I did.

There was a girl in a maid outfit.

She appeared to be 15 or 16.

She had beautiful silver hair that was tied up.


It was strange for someone that was only just born to have tied up hair, but when you think about it, it was really more strange for someone to be born and not be a baby.


I suppose this was all the grace of the Goddess.

Or so I thought, but the Goddess denied this.


“It is because of this Klein bottle that’s been set in this Demon King Castle. These ‘bottles’ are inside of every Demon King’s castle, and they allow you to summon monsters like this with the right ingredients and magic.”




I looked at the maid.


“Yes, this one is a demon. See, there is a tail coming out of her back. And was there not a mark on her thigh?”


“I was not staring very hard.”


“A true gentleman. Do you want to see the mark?”


“I wouldn’t mind.”


I said jokingly.


It really was a joke. This was a world where Goddesses existed, and I could use powerful magic. And I was now used to the idea of monsters and demons. But this one didn’t seem to understand jokes.


“Yes, master. I will show you the mark so you can confirm that I am a demon.”


She raised the side of her skirt.


There really was a magic rune that shone there.


I glanced briefly.

“That’s enough…”

And told her to stop.


She bowed. Apparently, she would listen to any order I gave her. She would probably die if I jokingly asked her to. I might have to be careful about what I say while drinking.


With that decided, I started to question her. I could have just asked the Goddess, but this maid was supposed to be an intelligent secretary type. And I wanted to rely on her as soon as possible.


“So, you over there.”


“Are you referring to me?”


“Yes. …Ahh, perhaps this is confusing.”


“Yes, indeed. Your subordinates will only increase from here. I would be grateful for a proper name.”


“Then you will be called Eve.”




“Do you not like it?”


“No, but, what does it mean?”


“There is another world called ‘Earth’ that I once researched. It is a name that appears in one of the religions of that place. She was said to be the first woman.”


“I understand. And I am the first person that you created, and so you have given me that name.”


To be precise, the Goddess created her, but it did involve my hair. And she was my first minion, so there was some fondness there.


realist demon king

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