Realist Demon King – 4

A Cup of Tea and a Strategy

There was an extravagant desk and chair that I had not noticed before.

I sat down and waited for some time until Eve returned. She was pushing a silver cart to carry the tea.

The pot had hot water inside, and tea leaves were added in front of me and then she poured a cup.

The cup itself had been warmed, and the perfect temperature and amount of the water poured resulted in a wonderful smell.

There was also lemon and milk, and I chose milk.

Three sugars.

A sweet and rich taste spread over my tongue.


She had not been wrong to brag about her service abilities, and her master’s tongue was well pleased.


Knowledgeable and very loyal.

Perhaps I really had received the best possible subordinate.

I finished the cup with satisfaction but stopped Eve before she could pour a second cup.


“Enough with the tea. It’s time to talk strategy.”


“That is well.”


Eve said with a low bow.


“Now that the Goddess is gone, I must rely on you, Eve.”


“Use me without reserve. I will die if you command it. And attend you at night if you wish.”


“You really do have the loyalty skill. You would volunteer your own life.”


Still, I continue.


“I am not so low to ask that. I am quite sure of it anyway, so you should focus on being my secretary.”




She nodded without the slightest change in expression.


“Hmm, back to the subject at hand. The Goddess said that I should expand this castle. But I will need materials to do that. How is our stock?”


“Limited. We can not rely on it for long.”


“Then I should try to increase those materials first.”


“I agree.”


“Is there a way?”


“You could build a new farm in the castle. Expand the castle town, increase the population, and raise taxes. Summon an army, have them gather or plunder. Those would be the conventional methods.”


“I suppose the last option would be the fastest.”




“Currently, this castle is all but defenseless. So it is necessary to start with an army. Yes, I have decided. I will create a great army.”


“That is very good, master.”


“I would usually care about quality over quantity, but we need numbers right now. I want to build an unshakable army corp.”


“An army corp?”


“Yes. One to strike fear into the hearts of the other Demon Kings, and make them think twice before attacking.”


“Then you must use good materials, and will it.”


“Very well. Bring me the materials.”




She left to bring the materials.

Several minutes later, what was laid out on the desk were:



Light Scarab

Ash Tree

Leaves of the World Tree

Mysterious Bone



I combined these and tossed them into the pot.


The combinations were my inspiration. In other words, random. But there was apparently little use in thinking too hard when it came to the summoning ritual. Of course, the monsters did change depending on the materials, but the recipes could have different results.


You could not recreate the same monster by using the same ingredients.

You would have to test it many times and base it off your own experiences.

First, I put the Mysterious Bone and Mandragora into the pot.

I willed it as the magic flowed from me.

I thought of my ideal army.

What I required for it was an undefeatable will and the ability to inspire dread.

I would need persevering soldiers to embody that.

The strength to move forward even when their allies were falling.

A toughness to fight even when you are wounded.


I felt that that might be too much to ask for goblins and orcs. And so I envisioned skeleton soldiers. And that imagination took shape.


Smoke rose from the pot and letters appeared.


realist demon king

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