Realist Demon King – 13

Attack of Sabnac’s Army

The forces of the Demon King Sabnac were coming.

It was two hundred soldiers that were primarily kobolds.

It seemed that he was coming in full force from the beginning.


“If I had more men, this would be a good time to split my army into three and strike his castle once again.”


It was an appealing idea, but not possible.

My army could spare no one.

We were not even one hundred in all.


The castle would surely fall if we tried to spread ourselves too thin.


There was no point in even thinking about it.


“However, they are much fewer than I was expecting.”


“Yes, he must have lost many in his fight with Count Ismalia. And he does not have the materials to summon more soldiers due to a certain thief.”


I say as if I had no idea who that could be.


“Then maybe we can win without using your secret plan.”


“I hope so. Well, let us see how this plays out.”


And so I used ‘Farsight’ magic to watch the battle from my throne.


Sabnac’s troops were coming from the front. They would climb out of the trenches and try to breach the castle.


I would drive them back by orthodox means as well.


The soldiers were stationed behind the moat, ready to rain arrows and boulders onto the enemy. And push spears into those who tried to climb out.


This decreased his numbers a good deal. But my army was split into two, which meant fifty soldiers against two hundred.


Sabnac’s soldiers were surprisingly brave and put up a good fight.

Some of them were even able to break through the line of skeleton and orc soldiers.


Eve’s face began to look tense, and so I said to her:


“Do not worry, I have a plan.”


There were many wraiths among the monsters that I summoned.


These wraiths were ghostly monsters. Monsters without a physical form. Beings that could only be harmed with magic and magic weapons.


I stationed them towards the back as a raid unit.

If the enemy were to get through the defensive line, they would be ready to face them.

Which turned out to be necessary.


The brave enemy soldiers climbed out of the moat and clawed their way through danger, but in the end, they were just kobolds.


Without magic or magic weapons equipped, they had little means to oppose the wraiths.


And no amount of spear thrusts was going to deal any damage to my wraiths.


The wraiths, on the other hand, used deadly curses and fireballs.

The kobolds were trampled in that short, one-way skirmish.

And they were exterminated in the blink of an eye.


It was too bad for them, after the effort and desperateness they had displayed in climbing out of the trench. But if they were going to hate anyone, they should hate their brainless commander.


“Monsters that can only be damaged through magic are not rare. He should have been ready for this.”


I offered as I watched them die, but perhaps I was speaking too soon.

Because a quick look to the left showed that my line of defense had been breached on that side.


How on earth? I think, and see that a large man with the head of a lion is there. He’s swinging a greatsword and charging.


He kills a wraith in a single hit.

That greatsword must be enchanted.

A Demon King. A powerful commander.

He was standing at the head of his own army, attempting to control the tide of battle.


“The report of him being no F Class as an individual was correct after all. But I am sure you are always right, Eve.”


I chuckle, but Eve was not amused.


“It is not a laughing matter. If this continues, Sabnac may reach this very room.”


“Then I might just lose then. That’s what happens when your core is destroyed, is it not?”




“I suppose I should go out there then. “


“You intend to stand out there and fight?”


“I did on my first fight, didn’t I?”


“The scale was much smaller that time. Things are different now. If you rally your forces, you can still push Sabnac back.”


“But the losses will be too great with the momentum he’s got. And while they may be monsters, they are still my subordinates. I would rather minimize the damage.”


“These skeleton soldiers do not even have a will.”


“Eve, do you think me inferior to Sabnac?”


“…You are an unkind master. To use such an argument to silence me.”


Her expression was unexpectedly grave.


“…Forgive me, then. However, it is true, I want to keep my soldiers alive here. There are many ways to win this fight, but I would prefer to do so without too many casualties.”


That was how I felt, monster or not. Besides, taking huge losses here would make me susceptible to attacks from Count Ismalia and other Demon Kings.


It wasn’t just a matter of defeating Sabnac.

And yes, I did truly believe that I was superior to him.

She must have felt this strong belief I had. And so she accepted it.


“Very well. I will take command of the wraith unit. You go to the frontlines, master. And bring back Sabnac’s head.”




I said, mimicking her usual tone. Then I threw off my overcoat and headed for the field.

Eve watched me leave, silently worrying.

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