Jack of all Trades – 112

Master Daniela’s Magic Lesson, Continued


“Well, now you have the basics. There is really only a little more that I can teach you.”


Said Master Daniela, two meat skewers in her hands.


“I will tell you a little more about attributes then. As it is an attribute, there is something you need to follow.”

“Ah, I know about that. Opposite attributes, right?”
“You are correct, but it is wrong.”


She was waving the skewers like a pointer, and so I snatched a piece of meat off from one of them and ate it.




“Not opposing, but anti-attribute.”


Daniela said bluntly and with a hateful expression. But I was really only getting some revenge for her insults about my naming sensibilities.


“Not opposing?”

“The weakness of fire is water and ice. The weakness of water is lightning and ice. The weakness of ice is fire and water. The weakness of lightning is earth. The weakness of earth is wind. The weakness of wind is earth. But the dimension attribute can only be dealt with by the dimension attribute.”

“Doesn’t seem very even. And ice’s weakness is water?”

“If the water’s temperature can be maintained, the ice will melt.”


Uh, well, I suppose so. But my gaming brain doesn’t really… But I could see ice being a weakness to water. I thought of it in terms of my own attributes…


“Earth, wind and lightning have fewer weaknesses, huh?”

“Yes. There is no balance there, and so they are not opposing. However, there are some who believe that the triangle of fire, ice and water, and the inverted triangle of earth, wind, and lightning create a hexagram that means balance. And the space of the hexagon that surrounds the triangle and inverted triangle is…”

“The dimension attribute.”


Yes, Daniela nodded. She used her finished skewer to draw the hexagram on the ground, and then surrounded it in a circle.


“And the space that is outside of the circled hexagram. This is the void attribute. Some call this the hexagram theory.”

“This is getting annoying…”


My head was starting to feel quite full…


“Well, none of this is important to remember. Magic is the strongest when you can visualize it well, and charge it with power.”

“But Daniela, ice can’t beat fire.”

“You can, if the amount of power put into it is greater. However, it will usually take up to three times as much.”

“So, it’s basically suicide!”


In other words, magic was a skill that required thought, and there would be consequences to using brute force. I would have to dodge, run or use physical strength.


“But on that note, it is possible to have magic of equal amounts clash and cancel each other out. If one is higher, it will override it and gain control. The volume of magic is the deciding factor.”

“So, it’s just brute force after all.”

“No, this is actually a difficult skill. In the event that you cannot control the overridden magic, the mana within both sides will clash, causing it to run wild, due to the repulsion, and the mana in the area will vanish. This means that the mana inside of your body will also be taken away.”

“What the hell.”


So the mana on both sides repel each other and are both annihilated…and this affects your body as well. Magic was difficult.


“And so there will be no problem if you can crush your opponent with overwhelming magic power, and grab it and control it.”

“I hope you know just how much damage you are doing to my opinion of magic?”


Leaving her meathead advice aside, I start to consider it by myself.


Magic is realized with power, attributes, and imagination. Magic can be created through mana or through the use of a medium. You can deal with an opponent’s magic through an anti-attribute.


That was all I needed to know, I think.


“…Ah, that’s right.”

“What is it?”

“Hitting magic that was created from mana with anti-attribute magic, can cancel it if done correctly, right?”

“Yes. If the amount of power is equal. If it is higher, than it will override it and the mana will combine with yours, enhancing your magic.”


So that’s how overriding works…wait.


“Well, magic made from a medium contains material that isn’t mana, right? So what happens then?”

“You mean like ice made from the moisture in the air or controlling the earth?”

“Yeah. Doesn’t it return to its normal form when the flow of magic is stopped?”

“It does. However, when you are using it for magic, the medium may turn ‘magical.’”


“It will turn into a state that is very close to mana. In this state, it is possible to cancel each other out. But not override.”

“Because the material will remain after taking the mana?”




Isekai ni Kita Boku wa Kiyoubinbode Subaya-sa Tayorina Tabi o Suru Jack of all Trades

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