Jack of all Trades – 68

Adventurer: “They’re saying Silvergreen’s done it again.”

Even after escaping the blazing rocks where the sunlight poured over our heads, the assault continued directly over us within the groves, offering little shade. We rested several times under trees, taking a long two hours to finally cross the plains. The few breaks we took was not enough to ease the mounting fatigue in my feet. I was feeling heavier now with every step. If I could, I would just lay down on the soft grass and take a fifteen-hour nap. But the result of that would be turning into a snack for the grass wolves. So we just journeyed on.


Spiris was now visible ahead of us. Now that Daniela’s headache had subsided, we could chat as we moved, which made the passing of time seem faster. Still, the distance was far, and the sun relentlessly gradual in its descent.

Then the evening was finally upon us, and the sunlight was starting to burn in reddish colors as we reached our destination. It had taken about an hour and a half leaving, including several rests. But it had taken us three hours to return. Twice as long. Twice. Making such calculations probably just made it worse for myself. We dragged our feet tiredly back to the Silver Sky inn.




“I am hungry…”



We dragged ourselves away to make a detour to the food stalls before returning to the inn.


□   □   □   □




I was so happy that no sound could express what I was feeling. It was the moment that I was submerged in the hot, hot bath water. It was the moment that your stress vanishes and you feel nothing but happiness. It was the same for everyone. I had scrubbed myself good and washed it off with lukewarm water just to feel this. Heaven was a place in the depths of hot water.

I had felt a sort of tenseness ever since that fight, but it all seemed to melt away now. My limbs felt numb, my consciousness was getting foggy. However, the sense of euphoria was very vivid in my brain.

Sweat begins to pour, and I wipe at my forehead. It felt miserable sweating outside, but somehow nice when it was in the water. My stupid brain considered such things, but I soon gave up on finding an answer. For now, I just wanted to enjoy this El Dorado of hot water.


I carried my warmed self back to my room on light feet, opened the window and enjoyed the cool breeze. Joshua was kind enough to allow me to continue using this room.


“No, no, Asagi. I could not say that you were renting the room, if you were not in it, could I? The extension was for two weeks, I believe. Well then, it will be two weeks starting from now. Please enjoy your continued stay. Now, if you will excuse me.”


And he was kind enough to ignore any arguments I tried to make. And so we accepted. It was a good thing that we had chosen this place. It was thanks to Harold, really.


The city looked beautiful. It may have been laid to waste one day had we not killed the kobold king. But the soldiers and guards of the city were strong. In a big enough group, they could take down a wyvern. They may have been able to deal with a stampede, even. But if so, would that mean that we did not have to kill the assault kobold? Perhaps it would have been better to leave the tunnels and make a report to the guild as soon as we suspected the possibility? But we had chosen to go further in. What was it that drove us then?

There wasn’t a simple answer to this, and a knock on the door interrupted my thoughts and brought me back to the present.



“Asagi, do you have a minute?”

“Daniela. The door’s unlocked.”


And then the door slowly opens and Daniela comes in. She too seemed to have just come out of the bathhouse, her slightly flushed face sent my heart racing. But I don’t show it. After all, a man should be a gentleman. It’s one of my mottos in life.


“I was wondering when we should make a report to the guild.”

“Ah, right… First thing tomorrow should be fine. We can’t carry the materials forever anyway.”

“Yes. Then we should sleep tonight.”


I nod. Daniela waved before returning to her room. I immediately buried myself under my covers. Ahh, it was a strange feeling… Warm blankets…the best… I could do nothing but ride the boat that was my bed and set sail for the land of dreams.


Isekai ni Kita Boku wa Kiyoubinbode Subaya-sa Tayorina Tabi o Suru Jack of all Trades

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