Two Saints wander off into a Different World – 13

I Always Wanted to Say ‘Put it on my Tab’

They finished breakfast, and as they had not been told anything today, Maki and Chiharu were relaxing on the balcony and looking outside. It seemed that Arthur was currently very busy preparing for something.


The bird people had finally taken the hint and only looked at Maki and Chiharu from afar.


“In spite of what just happened yesterday, I’m quite used to them now.”


Chiharu said to Maki.


“Mmm, so you are calm now?”

“Yeah. Mostly.”


Chiharu wasn’t usually such a cautious person. She didn’t cry and make a scene. But she had been on the edge for these past three days. And while Chiharu would joke about having a dark streak, Maki knew that she was just honest, and was actually the sweet girl that her appearance suggested. And so it was a little refreshing for her to see Chiharu so upset at the bird people and torment them a little. She was funny when she was angry.


“By the way, what were you talking about with Arthur?”

“Oh, right, right. It was a sad story. His wife died when they were still young.”

“The queen, huh. I see. So that is why Edwy doesn’t have a mother.”


They gazed at the bird people that flew above the palace.


“He said that she was similar to me. That she was also blackhearted.”

“Hah! Blackhearted…”

“It’s so rude, isn’t it? I let him know that I was just an honest person.”

“Yes. But as of now, Arthur seems the most mature and reliable person here.”

“He is the king.”

“Were you shook?”


“When he said you were like her.”

“Ahh. No, no. You can’t win against the memories of someone dead. Especially if they say that you are similar.”

“Yeah. That’s true. Even if you did date someone like that, you wouldn’t know if they were jest remembering through you, or if they really liked you.”

“But in the first place, don’t you think there is little room for romance right now?”


Chiharu suggested.


“It’s only been four days since we arrived. We have only met the king, the prince. Grudo, Zynis. Aeris and the bird people. I just don’t see it.”

“What about our guards?”

“They do look pretty cool.”


She had taken note of that.


“I wonder how previous Saintesses got married.”

“That sounds like an amusing story, we should ask Sera about it later.”

“Maki, there is one thing I’ve been thinking about.”


“As for me, I don’t think that I need to worry about marriage or anything until I hit thirty.”

“Yes, well, I myself had been thinking about it a little.”

“You were dating for 5 years after all.”


It was kind of sad.


“But, wasn’t the marriageable age in Japan during our predecessors time, somewhere around 20?”


“I wonder what it is here?”

“Are we too late?”

“No one has asked us our ages, right?”


They looked out into the gardens.

Yes. Their marriageable age would be whenever they felt like getting married.


“Oh, it’s Edwy.”


The prince was waving at them from the gardens. Then Sauro descended right next to him and they started to talk. They seemed to be fooling around.


“Oh, right. He is supposed to be the next chief. So they are both princes. I guess they are actually good friends then.”


The prince was now running away. Sauro flew behind him and picked him up before shooting up, high into the sky.


“Woah. He’s clearly used to that.”

“Edwy, that’s amazing.”

“Chiharu, were you only scared?”

“No… I was just scared that my own will had been ignored. I don’t mind flying. But…”



Chiharu looked at Maki.


“I think I would prefer the baskets.”

“Haha. I thought so. I knew that it was something that you would have come up with, normally.”

“Sorry for getting angry at you.”

“It’s nothing. You were scared.”

“Saintess Maki, Saintess Chihaaru.”

“What is it, Sera?”

“The king would like a word with you after lunch.”


The food stalls!



Two Saints wander off into a Different World

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