Two Saints wander off into a Different World – 13


Arthur, the prince, Zynis, Miragaia, Aeris, Grudo and the chancellor were all gathered together in the now familiar office.


“Ah, Maki and Chihaaru.”

“Hello.” “Hello.”

“We have put much consideration into it, and seeing as you two have adapted much better than we expected, and that you actively wish to go outside, we have decided that your journey to the other three territories will begin one month hence.”


Ohh, here we go.


“But first we would like to send out official notices to all the lands and announce you two to the world. What do you say?”

“Well, this won’t be very grandiose, will it? Like, having the bird people carry us around over the heads of citizens.”


Maki asked. What are you saying, Maki-chan! Just look at how Miragaia’s eyes are sparkling.


“That is a splendid idea!”

“No, it’s not.”


Chiharu said flatly.


“Maki-chan, this is no time for jokes. It’s not even funny.”



Arthur opened his mouth hesitantly.


“What about a parade?”

“No.” “No.”

“I did not think so. It was just a suggestion. Well then, what about if you stood on a raised platform over the castle gates and waved at the people?”

“We could do that.”


“That should be good enough for the citizens. But you must also meet with envoys from the other territories. It only need be a general introduction.”

“That’s fine.” “That’s fine.”

“When you are revealed to everyone, we will send out messages requesting that you be given space, as you would want to move and look around. I think that will help avoid any possible chaos.”

“Thank you so much.” “Thank you so much.”



Maki and Chiharu looked at Arthur with bright, expectant eyes.


“We still cannot unleash you into the city without some kind of plan. Edwy.”

“Yes, father.”

“We will say that you are taking noble children from the inland territories on a tour. With a good enough disguise, they may pass for children of about 12 years of age. Most of the people outside of the castle should recognize the prince.”

“He is constantly sneaking out, after all.”

“Cough-cough. Chancellor!!”

“It is fine. I already knew.”


Edwy looked very embarrassed.


“Of course, you will be given proper guards. While I am sure onlookers will be curious, they should not give you any trouble. Maki and Chihaaru, I am sure you will enjoy a pleasant and natural experience in the city.”

“I will be happy to escort you, Maki, Chihaaru.”

“Thank you.”

“We might as well go too then.”


Said Aeris and Grudo.


“I am sure you two would want to see…”

“The airships and airport.”

“The magic trains and station.”

“YES!” “YES!”


“Ahh, Maki and Chihaaru. You also said something about wanting to study, I believe?”

“Yes, it would be nice if we could be taught either in the morning or the afternoon.”

“Well then, you will be taught lessons in the morning. With some planning, you should be able to go out to the city every now and then. Now, please take this.”


A servant brought over a small leather pouch.


“Here is 10,000 gil from this month’s salary. It is 9 silver pieces and 10 small silver pieces. If you need to buy something that is more expensive, you can put it on the royal tab. Or just make the prince pay for it.”


Finally, something fun was awaiting them!

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