Jack of all Trades – 68


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The next morning, we arrived at the guild feeling refreshed in body and mind. We had not been here for two whole weeks. I wonder if Fiona was doing well? I thought, as I opened the doors and was greeted with a fearsome blow to the stomach.



“Where were you, Asagi!!”


It was Fiona who had attacked me. She had charged in and was now gripping me hard.


“Where? Uh, the kobold nest…”

“For two weeks!?”

“There were some unique circumstances and we’ve come to report it.”


She finally let go after I said this. The wound on my sides still hurt from before, and I thought I would die.


“If possible, we have something important to discuss with the guild master.”


Daniela said. It was that important. Fiona looked quizzically at us but saw that I was serious. Then she turned on her heels and disappeared behind the counters. After waiting for a minute by the entrance, Fiona returned and gestured for us to follow her. I guess he was ready to see us. We followed her to the guild master’s office.


“So, I hear that you have a report to make… What happened?”


Bordow was sitting on top of his desk like the last time, as he questioned us. We started by explaining that we went on an extermination quest to the mines in order field test my new equipment. But then the mines turned out to be ridiculously deep, when it should have been shallower. It had been the workings of the hole moles or mega moles. And finally, that there was an abnormally mutated assault kobold there, who styled himself king and was planning a stampede. And that we had killed him. We’d killed many kobolds in fact, preventing the stampede.

When we were finished, Bordow let out a huge sigh.


“You really… Why would you not come back and report first? Why would you go deeper? No, I know the answer without you having to tell me.”


It went without saying that our curiosity had been strongly stimulated. But I did feel bad about doing something so reckless.


“Well, it is too late now. I shall overlook it this time, given what you two have achieved! However, you absolutely must make a report next time. Else I will have to give you both new, embarrassing names that everyone will know about.”

“Don’t do that. That could affect our livelihood.”

“Then report! Report. Communicate. Consult. These are the obligations of an Adventurer!”


It was like we were working for a company, which considering that we were employed, we worked, and were paid, was not too far from the truth.

I was just a part-time worker before. But now I was fully employed, I guess. My mother would be so proud. Mom, your son is doing his best sword-swinging now.


“Now, about the reward. Kobold hands, hole mole claws, these will all be calculated according to the market value. As for the reward for killing this abnormally evolved monster, the assault kobold. I will decide what you will be paid. And finally, for your contributions to the guild in preventing a stampede. You will be paid in gold pieces. On top this, I will add a little extra from my own purse to the total amount. We’ll call it a tip.”


He kept on talking, but I think I understood most of it. It was going very well for us.


“Understood. So, we’ll be waiting at the reward counter then. I’ll just leave the materials here.”

“Yes. Thank you. Oh, one more thing. What will you do with the assault kobold materials? You could also just use them yourself…”

“I see…yes, I think I will use them, if that’s alright?”

“I will introduce you to a blacksmith then! This one is close to the guild, got a good arm. Look here, my own equipment. All made by that blacksmith!”


He says as he points at the armor and halberd that hung on the wall. Hmm, it was quite impressive. Though, a bit on the showy side. Judging by Bordow’s personality, it was probably made like that by request. It was full-plate armor that was the same red as Bordow’s hair and was lined with gold. Even the halberd was a burning red metal. After seeing the dimension ore, I could now tell that the halberd was made of fire ore. Speaking of which, we did not tell him about the dimension ore. We didn’t know how dangerous it was. Well, if anyone wanted to find out, it was only at the bottom of the maze.


“Well then, you have my gratitude for what you did! I say this as the guild master! This news will be sent out to every guild house! Silvergreen and Lightwind prevented a stampede!”

“As I said, do no such thing!!!”

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  1. to be honest i wait for the moment when mc will go and take the crystals and for a moment when he will get past 1000 of agility

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