Jack of all Trades – 17

-A New Routine-

The Black Rabbit incident was finished. I think. It would really depend on the reaction of the Adventurer’s Guild that I was now headed for.

In other news, I and Daniela had decided to party up.

We had been discussing how this whole thing started after leaving the guardhouse, which led to this decision.

□   □   □   □

“When I first came to this town, I was being chased by a pack of forest wolves. I was practically rolling, the way I tumbled into the western gate. Some adventurers saw me then, and because of my hair, said I ‘looked like a black rabbit.’ That was the start of it.”

“A whole pack? Were you alright?”

“Ah, yes. I found this out later, but I have really high AGI. Well, maybe it wasn’t that high at the time… Anyway, I was able to run without them catching up to me. And the man I asked for help at the time was…”

“Captain Russell, I presume.”

“Correct. If he hadn’t been near the gates then, I would have probably been eaten alive.”

It was that dangerous. I thought I was going to die, again…

“I see… Hmm… Asagi, we shall form a party.”



“No, uh, what led you to that decision?”

“I’m too worried about you to leave you alone. You’re just a rookie, but you’ve been raising your level in absurd ways, haven’t you?”

She was sharp… I straightened my back and looked back at her.

“Now what gave you that idea?”

“You just said ‘it wasn’t that high at the time.’ That must mean it is at least somewhat high right now, no? But you’re a rookie who should not have experienced more than a few battles. But Asagi, you really are quite active in terms of fighting, aren’t you?”

I had exposed myself. I look away without thinking.


“Hehe. It’s obvious to anyone who actually listens to what you say. I won’t ask you to stop. But, I’m worried. And so, we should fight together.”

“Are you sure?”


“Then… I look forward to working with you, Daniela.”

“Likewise. Can I trust you to have my back?”

“Haha. It’s a bit early for that.”

□   □   □   □

That’s how it happened. It was no big deal. Daniela was worried about me. A person she had just bumped shoulders with last night.

There had been many unpleasant things that had happened to me in this world. Whether it was sleeping in trees, walking forever, fighting with monsters or being called Black Rabbit.

But there were also many kind people who cared about me.

When all was said and done, I was quite blessed. I realized once again, that it was the connections between people that was the most important trick to living.

I entered the adventurer’s guild in much the same way I always did. Gardo and Ness were waiting for me inside.

“Asagi, I’m sorry.”

“Please forgive me!”

The two men said with lowered heads. The atmosphere inside of the guild house was dead quiet.

“Gardo, Ness.”

“You asked me to ‘deal with it,’ but I couldn’t do anything. I couldn’t even help you.”

“I was drunk and my public announcement has now led to such an incident! I should have done more than apologize, I should have done something…”

“Hey, you two. Please stop that.”



Isekai ni Kita Boku wa Kiyoubinbode Subaya-sa Tayorina Tabi o Suru Jack of all Trades

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  1. No description of daniela aside that she has wind magic???? We know nothing other than she is taller than mc and uses wind magic

  2. Ness, you screwed up life in the bar… cough… guild for Asagi. But no one could expect that your joke would snowball to this extent.
    It probably would have been forgotten in a few days if that one drunk adventurer hadn’t ignored Gardo’s warning, got slapped down, then blamed his fear & embarrassment on Asagi.

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