Jack of all Trades – 326

Long-Awaited Fish Dish


“Today is the day that we eat fish.”

Daniela said with startling determination. And with that, she boldly started to ask passersby if they could recommend any places that served especially great fish. This alone proved how serious she was.

“To think that my communicatively-impaired girl would one day talk to complete…”

“Mock me anymore and I will get angry.”

Daniela said with an exasperated look. Oh, but I really was surprised. And I was also very aware that she would get angry. But that didn’t stop me.

“…I know what you are thinking, and I do feel bad about it. Yes, I am always just standing behind you and letting you do everything.”

“Yeah, you’re like a gangster boss.”

“Do not try me, fool. And at a time when I am doing my very best…”

I had never really been bothered by it. As I had worked in customer service before, it wasn’t too hard for me to deal with strangers. It was because I had the mask of a clerk. Putting on an act was nothing. But well…I had been pretty shy before that…yeah. I can remember having that feeling about wanting to change. It was easy to forget, once you were passed it…

“Sorry. Alright, let’s go find a place together.”

“Ah, the last person said there was a good place near the main road. I want to look there first.”


Daniela looked adorable when she smiled happily. These were the times she looked especially good…

Seeing her trying meant that I had one more thing that I liked about her now. Did she have any limits? Damn it.

We walked down the rather large street until we reached the incredibly loud main road. The crowds of people all wore different kinds of clothing and ranged from merchants to Adventurers. The only common trait was that they were all wearing warm clothes. We were no exception, as we were wearing our white winter clothes. They were really warm and functional. I could just where a normal long-sleeved shirt and pants underneath.

We went out and started to head north, against the current of people. And then we entered the alley where this place was supposed to be.

“Are you sure? I don’t know if this looks safe…”

“What are you on about? Mister First-runner up.”

“That’s different.”

“You might say that, but you have always managed just fine.”

“Is that what you think? I nearly wet myself every time.”

“I could have lived without having heard that.”

Our banter was getting dumber all the time. But we soon passed through the alley and came out into a quieter and narrower street. When I looked around me, I saw that there were not too many people here, but there were signs up on the buildings. I suppose every place had hidden establishments that only residents knew about.

“So… Where is this place?”

“Uh…I think it is this way.”

Daniela turned to the right and started to walk, and so I followed after her. However, she looked like a lost child the way her eyes moved around. And so I looked around while I waited. And then Daniela raised her voice.

“Ah! There. There it is!”

Daniela pointed at the building excitedly. It was cute.

“Stop looking at me. It is right over there! See!”


She was pointing at a white brick building that looked like any other in the town. There was a sign up in the front. And there was a hole next to a window where a thin stream of smoke was coming out. We walked to it side by side and were greeted by the wonderful smell of grilled fish. Yes, it stirred one’s appetite…

“Yes, it is the right place.”

Daniela said with a nod as she stared at the sign. This was the place she had found after all her hard work, questioning those people. Of course, it will pay off.

“Let’s go in then.”

“Wait. I will go first.”

This wasn’t because she was impatiently hungry. It meant that she wanted to deal with the owner as well. I understood it immediately.

And since I was now the proud guardian who looked on with joy at Daniela’s growth, I gestured for her to go in first. Her expression turned quite serious and she stepped through the door.


“Excuse me, do you have any tables available? There are two of us.”

“Aye, right over there. Please have a seat.”

“Thank you.”

Huh. Not even an awkward pause or a stutter… Impressive.

“What are you doing? Hurry up.”

“Uh, yeah…”

But now that I thought about it, while Daniela had been alone for a long time, she had been traveling non-stop… So it’s not like she hadn’t interacted with anyone at all. So, perhaps she was just returning to her old form. In other words, she could do anything if she needed to.

“I’m relieved.”

“Shut up and sit down.”

Daniela tapped the table impatiently. And so I hurriedly settled into my seat.

A menu was spread out on the table. There were not that many items on it.

“Hmm…let me see…”

“I have already decided.”

“That was quick. Which one?”


Daniela pointed at something called ‘River Fish Meuniere.’

“Huh. That does sound good…”

“You could order the same thing?”

“No, that would be a waste.”

This was the kind of place where you would want to order different things and then share them.

After giving it some thought, I chose the ‘Rapidfish Cream Stew.’ It had fantasy world ingredients in it.


Isekai ni Kita Boku wa Kiyoubinbode Subaya-sa Tayorina Tabi o Suru Jack of all Trades

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