Shatei Kyokufuri – 17

Data.15 – Old Bowman, To the Next Step


(Note from translator-san: a few changes had to be made to skill/names. Sorry for the confusion.)

I was now back in town after being led to the forest due to false information.

It was a lot faster when you had Warp Arrow.

I had considered doing a class change right then and there, but was too scared to leave myself vulnerable in a field that I wasn’t familiar with.

Besides, a second job wasn’t something so unusual that it was better to hide it.

In fact, most day-1 players would have reached it by now.

Though it was apparently a little different once you reached the 3rd job.

So, I decided to sit down on the park bench and do this fancy class change thing.

The player was not able to decide which job they would change into.

The game would make that decision based on your playstyle up until that point.

However, I had a good idea of what it would choose.

“Class change!”

‘Class change confirmed! Your class has changed from ‘Shooter’ to ‘Archer’!’

It seemed that I had gone from having a job that was vaguely about shooting, to one that mainly used bows.

It wasn’t much of a change, but it was a big step.

And so I decided to look through my status.

◆ Status

Name: Kyuji

Job: Archer

LV: 1/30

HP: 75/75

MP: 75/75

Attack: 30  Defense: 16

Magic Attack: 20  Magic Defense: 12

Speed: 22  Range: 100

These numbers excluded the boost I got from skills and equipment.

First, I was happy to see that ‘Range’ had remained my unique status.

I had already used 20 levels worth of points for it, and it would have been a great waste if it was changed now.

Aside from that, there was nothing particularly interesting about the status distribution. However, it was nice to see that everything had been raised.

There were some other changes.

The skill [Bow Arts II] ranked up to [Bow Arts V].

What was most notable about this, was that the +20 boost to attack and range was now a +50 boost.

Furthermore, I had acquired a new skill, ‘Satisfying Shot.’

[Satisfying Shot]

A chance of increasing the damage of an arrow.

Probability will increase with the player’s level.

There you go. An attack buff skill that was based on chance.

In other words, it was like a critical hit.

As archers were seen as being dexterous, they tended to get these kinds of skills that increased the chance of a critical hit.

Still, you couldn’t really depend on something that was by chance, and so I felt a little conflicted by it.

Even if it did activate and I was victorious because of it, it would feel like I had merely been lucky.

Well, there was no point in complaining about it.

I would enjoy myself more if I just accepted things as they were.

In my case, my attack ability was quite low, so I had to shoot multiple arrows.

The more I shot, the higher the chance of getting a critical hit. And so I suppose that I could consider it a good match for me.

Now, there was one last thing that had changed.

This one was quite surprising. The bonus points I received from leveling up went up from 5 to 10.

Yes, it was doubled. You would grow twice as quickly on your second job.

In that case, it was time to put all 10 points right into ‘Range’!

And with that, my Range went up to 110, without buffs.

“…To be honest, I haven’t gotten that much stronger.”

I couldn’t help but mutter it out loud.

It was my honest feeling. And it wasn’t exactly unexpected.

The hurdle for getting here had been incredibly forgiving.

Anyone could have done it if they put in enough time.

That meant a decent number of people would have become ‘Archers’ as well.



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