Makai Hongi – 66

Chapter 66


Let’s take stock of the situation.

What Miralda wanted was for us to prevent Leninoth and Fara from dominating.

And she didn’t care how we did it.

And if this could not be done, Demon King Tralzard would just have to swallow up all of the surrounding countries.

And I didn’t think she was bluffing.

So, was it possible for our country to accomplish this?

This was one of the rare countries in the Demon World that was relatively peaceful.

And so we hadn’t lost too many brilliant people in war, like other countries had.

But even with that considered…

“We don’t have a sufficient fighting force.”

It was one thing to defend, but we definitely weren’t strong enough to invade another country.

But what was General Farneze’s thoughts on this?

“Well, we could send a special suicide squad.”

This General. She was quite evil.

That could either be a single blow to get out of a desperate situation.

Or it was the last struggle of someone who was on the brink.

When it came to battle between races, the amount of mana affected the outcome.

That allowed the high-ranking monsters to go uncontested in enemy territory.

They could invade the enemy country alone or in a small unit. And there, they could assassinate the strongest in the country. It was easy to say, but difficult to do.

After all, if they came at you with much greater numbers, it would be incredibly tiring.

Furthermore, there were some races who had especially dangerous special abilities.

While Wraiths were weak when they were alone, if many of them used ‘The Hand of Death’ over and over again, they could paralyze your body.

That’s how many of my own comrades had been killed by inferior orcs.

In the past, a Demon King had even been killed by the Reapers and their ‘One-hit Death.’

And so you would have to be very careful about races with special abilities.

“That kind of attack… I can’t agree with it.”

It didn’t matter if you succeeded or failed. You generally would not come back. You were disposable.

I could not trust a superior officer that did not value their comrades. That was my stance. If that’s where this was going, then I would just have to do to her what I did to the Gigant Centaur. And that punishment would be meted out soon.

“The best results with the smallest sacrifice… What is that if not ideal?”

“I see. Well then, you should go yourself, General. I promise to wave and cheer you on.”

“Oh… You have a lot of nerve for a mere Commander. I suppose Nehyor is not very good at discipling his men.”

“Yes, discipline… He isn’t very good with that. Perhaps he takes after you?”

“Do you two always fight like this? I’d appreciate it if you did this somewhere else.”

Miralda said with an exasperated voice.


Makai Hongi

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