Cave King – 134

Chapter 134 – Taken Back!?


The fallen Lopez was covered in shadows, and he soon disappeared without a trace.


I couldn’t help but shout. But Elto spoke to me calmly.

“Don’t worry. You’ll meet him very soon.”

Just as she said, a black mist then appeared in front of us.

And when the mist faded away, what remained was a familiar sight.


He was no longer in that vicious form, but looked more like a lamb, just as he had before his death.

Lopez had an anxious expression as he looked around. He seemed very confused at what was happening.

However, his eyes then landed on me. And a relieved smile appeared on his face.

I rushed towards Lopez and threw my arms around him.

“Lopez… I’m so sorry that I wasn’t able to protect you…”

I apologized to him. But Lopez looked at me worriedly and rubbed his cheek against mine.

Before I knew it, my eyes were filled with tears. The friend that had been torn away from me long ago was now returned. I couldn’t help but be happy.

The other island residents looked at us with gentle expressions.

However, there was just one person whose voice was filled with rage.

“How dare you!! Give me back my crest!!”

Oren’s shouts echoed. And Lopez shuddered with fear as he moved to hide behind my back.

Upon seeing this, Oren became even more incensed.

“You traded my crest for that pathetic life?! Do you have any idea how important my crest was for Sanfaris?!”

Erevan responded.

“As if that has anything to do with us!! Besides, who do you think you are? You just barely escaped death!”

“I am the man who will rule Sanfaris!! No…I was born to rule the whole Barleon continent…and the entire world!! And yet you dared to take my crest. Have you any idea what you have done?!”

Oren shouted as if he had gone mad. Even Ereven seemed disgusted by these wild claims.

That was when it happened. A hooded man suddenly stepped out from the crew that was watching us.

The man walked towards us and muttered.

“No, not anymore. You will never be a king.”

The armed monsters moved to intercept the man. The Goblin captain held up his spear in front of him.

“Hey! Stop!”

“And whose permission do I need to step foot on my own lands?”

“Huh? I’m telling you…stop…”

However, the man looked the goblin in the eyes. The captain’s knees began to shake, and he stopped right there.

“You. What did you do!?”

The other monsters raised their clubs and moved to capture him. I cast Shield on all of them just in case something happened.

Rienna and Baris also cast Shield.

“I have not done anything. I just want to speak to my child.”

My child…?

The monsters fell on him then, but they seemed to hit an invisible wall, and they went bouncing off into the air.

Of course, he hadn’t done anything. He was just walking forward.

“Everyone. Don’t touch him!”

I saw that they got ready to attack, and so I shouted.

His voice and the way that he walked had made me realize it. I knew this man.


I muttered. The man lowered his hood, revealing a face with a great white beard.

Yes. This wrinkled old man was my father and the king of Sanfaris. Louis. The man who had sent me to this island.

Erevan looked shocked.

“He-he’s your father, Chief?”

“Lo-Lord Heal’s father…”

Rienna quickly bowed her head.

It was then that Oren crawled to his father’s feet, and his face lit up.

“Father. So you did come!! Did you see? Heal has robbed me of my crest! Please get it back!!”

Oren sounded like he was praying. However, father looked at him with his usual, severe expression.

“Oh? And why should I do that?”

“W-why… Because the kingdom needs me! I must become the head of the Magic University. I will rule vast territories and lay waste to the enemies of the kingdom. I will lead Sanfaris to a glorious future!!”

Oren pleaded desperately to father. But the reply was cold.

“Sanfaris has no people, lands, or titles to give to one so powerless.”

“P-powerless? Me?”

“Yes. Now that you have no power, you are of no use at all. You will never be able to leave the palace.”

“…Me…me…useless? Haha…hahaha! Oh, I don’t mind. Who would want to be used by an old fool like you! I am not to be used. I am the one who uses others!!”

Oren shouted. And with that, he bit hard on his own finger.



The Cave King will live a Paradise Life -Becoming the strongest with the mining skill?-

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  1. Heal crying is too dumb I don’t feel anything,for how many days he knows that monster?

    He is behaving like if he knows him all his life or like if it was his pet when it was a street dog he saw a few times

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