Cave King – 18

Chapter 18 – An amazing tool was created!


“What…what is he doing?”


Mappa raised the Golem’s silver sword into the air and laughed.

After a while, he started rubbing his face on it and kissing it.

It seemed like he also had an interest in the armor, and he licked and knocked on the surface to hear the sounds it made.


Fule watched with a look of mild disgust. Then Mappa took the silver sword with him and left the stone chamber.


Fule muttered.


“…By the way, why does that guy still not wear a shirt? Are most humans like that?”

“No, he’s definitely in the minority… Well, maybe he’s just more comfortable like that. However, why was he so excited?”


Of course, this wasn’t the first time he wandered around the cave.

And he often grabbed ore and took it with him.


However, I had never seen him like this before.


Perhaps there was something about the armor and sword that was exciting to him…


And so I grabbed the hilt of one of the remaining silver swords and tried to pick it up.



“Wh-what the… I can’t pick it up at all!”


I tried using both hands and using all of my strength, but it still wouldn’t budge.


Fule tried to help me after that, but we failed just the same.


Yes, 3 meters was incredibly long for a sword.

However, in spite of that length, the blade was quite thin. So I was expecting to be able to move it a little…


“In any case, I should take it back.”




<<Your current ‘Cave King’ rank does not allow you to carry items outside of ore or other mined materials.>>


The Advisor told me.

I see. This wasn’t ore or something I acquired through mining.


However, maybe there was a way around that.


And so I hit the sword and armor with my pickaxe.

Both the sword and armor broke down into smaller pieces and were automatically stored in the Inventory.


It seemed like a waste to do this, but there were still about five sets of them left.

That should be enough to find out what they are.


And then, I discovered that the sword and armor were made of the same material.


…Mithril? Now that was a name I had heard before…

If I was not wrong, it was a kind of ore that was very popular with dwarves and elves in legends.


Hmm? Dwarf?

Now that I thought of it, weren’t dwarves supposed to be short and have large beards…


Was it possible that Mappa wasn’t a human, but a dwarf?


But dwarves were also supposed to be noble and resolute…

They were a race that was much stronger than humans and had incredible skills.


Hmm…well, the first two points aside, he was strong and very skilled?


But I couldn’t imagine that the dwarves from legend would prefer to be naked… Oh, I hoped they didn’t.


The Advisor then told me more about Mithril.


<<Mithril… It’s lighter and stronger than steel. Can be enchanted with magic effects.>>


It was harder and lighter than steel and could be enhanced with magic…

Both these and the magic stones were incredible materials…


I had not been able to mine any Mithril in the caves until now.

So perhaps this Mithril had been mined far away from here and turned into weapons.


But more importantly, how could it be lighter than steel if I couldn’t even pick it up?


And so I checked the amount of Mithril I had gathered.


Mithril Ingots x 900… In other words, just a single set was made of 900 ingots.


1 ingot in my Inventory was 1kg.

So that meant it weighed 900kg in all…

I didn’t know how much of that was used for the sword, but it would have at least been 100kg.


However, it really didn’t look like that many ingots had been used.

Perhaps they had some kind of ancient technique for compressing it?


Furthermore, Mappa had still picked it up as if it weighed nothing…


“In any case, we should go and see what Mappa is doing. Besides, we made everyone else stop mining.”



And so Fule and I gathered the Heart Stones and Magic Stones from the Golem remains.

I decided to leave the swords and armor for now.

And with that, we headed to the entrance of the cave.


When we were outside, we saw that everyone had gathered together and it was very loud.


I saw Rienna’s long dark hair as she watched with a worried expression. And so I asked her what was happening.


“Did something happen?”

“Ah, Lord Heal! Mister Mappa brought this sword and everyone…”

“I see… So everyone is trying to lift the sword.”

“Yes. It’s apparently very heavy. But everyone seems to be angry that only Mappa can lift it… I’m afraid they might hurt themselves.”

“That’s true. But I doubt any of them will be able to do it…”


I went closer and looked at the center of the crowd.

Taran, the Cave Spider, was using its four legs in order to try and lift the Mithril sword that Mappa had brought.


As for Mappa, he was humming to himself while adjusting the fire in the furnace.


Taran tried hard, but the sword would not move.

In fact, Taran toppled over the moment its legs let go of the sword.


Judging by how the Cave Spider and the goblins were lying exhausted on the ground, it seemed that I was right. No one was able to lift it.


The goblins were one thing, but I was sure that Taran would be able to do it…


Erevan had been watching up until now, and he now started to rotate his right arm in preparation.


“Heh. You’re all so pathetic! Little Mappa was able to do it. Look! I can wield such a sword as well!!”


So saying, Erevan put his hand on the sword.




The Cave King will live a Paradise Life -Becoming the strongest with the mining skill?-

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  1. After a while, he started rubbing his face on it and kissing it.

    It seemed like he also had an interest in the armor, and he licked and knocked on the surface to hear the sounds it made.

    h-h-how lewd !!!

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