Cave King – 18


However, in spite of his deafening roars, the sword would not be lifted off of the ground.


“Haa…ha… Damn it. Mappa can carry it, but not me…?”

“General! Please stop! Even if you could lift it, it would not be for long. This is dangerous!”


Baris, the old goblin, tried to reason with the panting Erevan.


However, there was determination in Erevan’s eyes now.

Apparently, he had noticed that Fule was standing next to me.


Perhaps he didn’t want to look weak in front of his child… Erevan’s face turned a little red as he wrapped his hands around the hilt again.




Erevan shouted. And with that, the sword was lifted high into the heavens.




Not only I, but everyone else raised their voices in surprise.

I had not imagined that a single person would be able to lift it by themselves…


“That’s our General!! He has the ‘Great Warrior’ crest, after all!!”


One of the goblins said.


So, Erevan had a crest.

I didn’t even know that monsters had them…

In that case, maybe Rienna and Baris had them too.


‘Great Warrior.’ …There were royals and nobles in Sanfaris with this crest.

I believe it greatly increased your arm strength.

But it could also give you an insane additional and temporary boost.


Erevan shouted proudly. 


“Haaahh! How was that!? …Ah!”


Erevan had gotten so excited that the sword slipped from his fingers.


“Damn it! …Wind!!”


I unleashed wind magic in order to stop the sword from falling too fast.


However, while it did not have the same force, the hilt still hit Erevan on the head.

Then it fell to the floor.




Baris and the other goblins ran towards him.

But Fule reached him before anyone else.


“Father! Father!!”


Fule cried out as she shook her father’s body, but there was no reply.


While Wind had killed its momentum a little, it was still really heavy.

I would not be surprised if it cracked his skull.

And so I approached Erevan and cast healing magic on him.


If needed, I could use a Turtle Stone…


But there was no need for that.

Apparently, it wasn’t a severe injury, and Erevan started to breathe again.


“Ah…Chief. Did you save my life again? …I’m terribly sorry.”

“No, it was my fault for not stopping you. However, please don’t do anything like that…”


I paused when I saw that Fule was hugging her father and crying.


“…Idiot…idiot father! Why do you always do this!? If you died…”

“So-sorry, Fule…I’m sorry… But stop crying so much…”


Erevan looked at Fule awkwardly and hugged her back.


I felt like I understood why Fule wanted to be stronger now.

I didn’t want to pry into their lives, but judging by the fact that Erevan’s wife wasn’t here, I had an idea of what might have happened.


Fule probably wanted to protect the last person that remained of her family.


I’m sure Erevan was sorry enough after hearing Fule’s words.

And so I decided that I didn’t need to say anything more.


In fact, the real problem here was the guy who picked up the sword as if it was nothing…


I turned to look at Mappa.

Just then, Mappa threw the Mithril sword into the furnace.


Apparently, he was going to melt it and hit it with his hammer.

After a while, the sword turned into a clump of Mithril.

He took a small part of it away and hit it with his hammer until the shape started to change.


Once it was finished, Mappa kissed it with the kind of pride that suggested he thought it was his masterpiece.

Then he handed it over to me.


“This…it’s a pickaxe?”


It was a pickaxe. And the entire thing had a silver glimmer.

A pickaxe made of nothing but Mithril.


But, would I be able to carry it?


I hesitantly stretched out my hand to accept the pickaxe from Mappa.


“What the…”


…It was light.

No, that was an understatement. It felt like I was carrying a tree branch.


Judging by how much Mithril was left, he had not used a lot of it…


Mappa looked at me with a smug expression.


I hated to admit it, but he was the real deal…

His skill and strength far exceeded any human.

Yes, he had the features of the legendary dwarves.


Except I had never read any books that said dwarves preferred to be naked…


After that, Mappa continued to make pickaxes, axes, knives, and other tools out of the Mithril.

Because of this, work became more efficient and less tiring.


Up until now, people had looked down on Mappa and wanted to avoid the mysterious man. But for now, no one could deny that he was truly amazing.

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  1. This old dwarf, he can smith, but he’s also a man of culture. Also quite disgusting, but hey, can’t have it all nice
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!

  2. Right so obviously this is supposed to show the original blacksmith’s for the sword were bad at using mithril. But like a sword that heavy would be complete trash anyway. Most greatswords were only a couple pounds and THEY were too heavy for most people. (Although what you classify as a great sword vs. Longsword depends on the height of the Swordsman).

    • Well those swords weren’t meant for people to use. They and the accompanying armor were made for special golems. Weight wouldn’t be an issue to a rock creature.

    • Nope, on the other hand they were probably amazing blacksmiths.
      Mithril is a light metal already, so it would require effort to compress it.
      Compressing it will probably increase the strength many-folds and it were used by strong golems so there is not much problems with weight!!

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