Two Saints – 83

Tenacious People


“Hey, isn’t that the local Nezu wine? Surely you didn’t go out today to…”


Maki spread out her hands and shrugged.


“We went out because we wanted to see the town. I just bought this along the way. Regardless, there must be an emergency for you to come in without knocking? Chiharu and I were about to enjoy a girl’s party.”


Maki said bluntly. Chiharu looked at her with excitement.


“What do you mean, ‘girl’s party’? Anyway, I was going to ask if you needed anything. But it looks like you’re really enjoying yourselves already.”


Then he stepped into the room without any hesitation and confiscated the bottles from them.


“Kids shouldn’t be drinking. Now hurry off to bed. Really, what is wrong with Saintesses these days.”


He muttered to himself as he left the room.




Aaron held both bottles in one hand and opened the door to his room and said,


“I can’t believe it. They were about to have a party.”


He showed Edwy the bottles.


“I thought they would be tired, so I went to their room to give them some ointment. But I forgot all about it because I was so exasperated.”

“And then you took their drinks. You have a long way to go, Aaron.”


Edwy also sounded exasperated. Then he chuckled.


“What do you mean?”

“Besides, they are both grown adults. 25 years old.”

“What? 25? That’s only 2 years different than me. You must be joking.”

“They are the same age as Nyran. They may look younger because of their height, but they are grown women. So you must treat them as such.’

“But, still…”


After seeing them in their disguises during the day, it was hard to not see them as children.


“They really looked like they wanted to drink our ale during dinner as well.”

“I’m sure they just wanted the meat. Or, that’s what I thought when I gave them some of mine.”

“No, you’re wrong. They just found it too awkward to reject you. I saw it on their faces.”

“I didn’t notice.”


So much that had happened today was confusing. Aaron scratched his head.


“Well, then. We should go soon, so you can really come to understand Maki and Chiharu. Though, it doesn’t really matter if you do or not.”

“Huh? What are you saying?”


Aaron tilted his head to the side. Edwy took out a small paper bag and accepted the two bottles from Aaron.


“Do you think they will give up just because you took their drink? With those two, it’s much better to act with them instead of trying to stop them.”


He said. And then he left the room.


“Uh, hey. Wait a minute. What’s wrong with him?”


Aaron ran after Edwy.




“What was that? He comes in without knocking and then steals our drinks. How rude.”


Maki was quite prickly. Chiharu was also disappointed.


“Ahhhh. I really wanted to drink that Nezu wine.”

“Yes, it’s a rice wine made near the Lowland sea, combined with the Nezu fruit.”

“Ohh, Maki-chan. It looked so good.”


Chiharu lamented. Maki grinned mischievously and rummaged in her bag and came out with two more bottles!



“Yes. I thought we might all drink it together, so I bought four. But I don’t care about that anymore. Let’s drink.”

“I’m with you, brother.”

“I’m not your brother.”


Maki said.


“Now, we should lock the door this time. That’s what started this whole problem.”


Just as she stood up to lock the door, they heard someone knocking.


“Maki. Chiharu. It’s Edwy. Can I come in?”

“Edwy, wait just one minute. Chiharu, did you hear that? He’s so polite. There’s a certain fourth prince who could learn from him.”

“I’m here too.”

“Ugh, there’s some other guy here too!”


Maki was being extra rude. In the meantime, Chiharu put the bottles back into the bag. Maki slowly opened the door.


“What is it? Edwy.”

“Uhh. Nothing much. It’s awkward standing in the hallway. Do you mind if we come in?”


Maki glared at Aaron for a second, but then opened the door and invited them in.


Two Saints wander off into a Different World

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