Two Saints – 83


“I came to return these.”

“The Nezu wine!”


Chiharu was overjoyed.


“You two are both adults, after all. It was a ridiculous thing that they were confiscated. Also, if you want…”


Edwy then took out the small paper bag and handed it to Chiharu.


“What is this? It smells nice.”


Chiharu said as she sniffed at it.


“It’s the Nezu fruit after it’s been soaked in the Nezu wine. They cover them in sugar and let them dry out in the sun. It should go well with the wine.”

“Wow. Thank you.”


There was something childish about how happy Chiharu was. Edwy smiled.


“Well, then. We won’t disturb you any longer.”


He said as they were about to leave.




“Ahh, I have no choice. This is out of respect for Edwy.”


And with that, Chiharu took out the two other bottles from the bag.


“Y-you have more!”

“Didn’t I tell you? Taking away their drinks wasn’t going to solve anything.”


Edwy said with a sigh as Aaron looked on in shock. And then he thought for a while. Maybe he had gotten too used to Maki and Chiharu, and it was he who was starting to lose sight of what was normal.


As Edwy wondered about this, Maki waved a bottle in front of his face.


“Well, I originally bought four so we could all drink together. So you might as well drink with us now.”


She said.


“Do you mean it?”

“Yes. Just one bottle won’t affect us tomorrow.”

“Then I accept. Aaron?”

“Uh, thank you.”


The first sip of the Nezu wine was quite sharp at first, but then a mild aroma like that of pine needles filled your nostrils. And then the sweetness of the rice lingered in your mouth.


“Ahh, it’s delicious.”

“Nezu wine is pretty great.”


Maki and Chiharu said as they enjoyed their wine. Edwy looked at them with gentle eyes. Edwy was quite strong when it came to alcohol, as he had to drink it a lot socially. But he felt as if he was getting drunk off of one sip as he watched them.


Chiharu nibbled on a piece of the sugared Nezu as if it were precious.


“I’ll buy some more for you if you like it.”


Edwy said. Chiharu shook her head.


“I think it tastes so good because we’re eating it here.”

“That’s true.”


While they were drinking the Nezu wine slowly, the bottles were quite small, and so they did not last very long.

While they wished that they could drink more, the small drinking party came to a close, and Maki and Chiharu went to bed with a feeling of happiness.


Edwy and Aaron returned to their room. It was clear that Aaron had something on his mind.


“We should get some sleep as well.”


“What is it?”

“While it was one day, I’ve been swung around a lot and…”

“By the birdfolk?”


“I know what you mean.”


Edwy said with a snort. He supposed that there was now one other person who had awakened to Maki and Chiharu’s appeal.


“But for some reason, I’m not mad about it.”

“If you’d like, I can talk all night. About how wonderful they are.”

“No thanks.”

“By the way, you’re royalty and not even an Adventurer. I understand that you see yourself as a man for the common people, but you should do something about the way you talk.”

“I do. When I’m making a public appearance.”

“Really, I don’t see how you are able to treat Maki and Chiharu like children.”

“I won’t anymore.”


Edwy wasn’t necessarily sure if that would be good for him or not.


“In any case, let’s get some sleep.”

“Yes. Good night.”


And that was how their first night ended.

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  1. Compared to other isekai protagonist, the two saints aren’t breaking common sense that much, right? But somehow, the people around them seem to treat them the same.

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