Two Saints – 84

Calm Zynis


As for what Zynis and the others were doing during that time. First, they headed for Zynis’s workroom which was on the first floor of the castle. Here, the men and women took off their clothes separately and then carried bags on their bare backs.


Dilon had always thought that it was stupid that they had to take their clothes off, but Zynis and Corete didn’t seem to mind at all.


“It’s a matter of having fur or not. Skin is skin.”

“I understand that alright? But, why do you wear clothes when you’re in your first form, father?”

“I don’t have to wear clothes, but I am just doing it for humans. Besides, Leia likes it when I do.”

“Ah, mother. She does like your first form. You better go home soon, or she’ll come for you.”

“She should come then. I’m sure Maki would be happy and so would I.”


As Dilon and Zynis talked,


“Is this really something you have to talk about while you’re not wearing clothes? That’s what you should really be embarrassed about.”

“S-sorry, Corete.”


Dilon looked a little red, and then he relaxed. Within seconds, ash-colored fur began to cover his entire body and his bone structure began to change. And like that, he transformed into a bear, which was his third form. The bag was still on his back.


And then a door opened and two very large ash-colored dogs and two yellow dogs came out of the room that faced the outside.


“Lord Zynis. Good day.”


There were other voices too.


“Oh, their third form. I’m glad that I was able to see it.”

“Ahhh. I want to pet them…”


They heard people say as they headed for the mountains behind the castle.


“This is why I don’t like being in my third form in human towns.”


Dilon grumbled. Corete chuckled with a nod.


“Indeed. The look in their eyes change. I don’t want to think about what would happen if we were caught.”


They would be petted all over, for sure. And so they all rushed to the mountains. They planned to run along the mountain until they reached the mirror lake, and then they would cross the border. Beastkin would be able to make the trip in a single day.


Up in the sky, brown birdfolk could be seen flying. They would cross the border by evening, then they would reach the inland mirror lake.


This mirror lake, much like the one in the dwarf lands, was at the base of very high rocky mountains. There were many holes in the western mountains, and it was said that the water poured out of them. But this was not known for certain. 


Regardless, the lands were used as a health resort for the royal family. As it was in a high place, it was cool during the summer and warm in the winter. And so tourists would visit it during all seasons of the year.


Rivers flowed from the lake itself, and they cut through Midland and eventually connected to the sea.


However, there were rumors that this lake connected to the sea outside of the rivers as well. This was because sea fish could sometime be caught in the lake. And they were very popular in the town.


The group stopped in an open area that was close to the mountain on the east side, and offered them a view of the town from afar. The birdfolk descended as well. Just then, Ortha stood up and changed into her first form.


“Hey, sister. What are you doing!”

“What are you talking about, Dilon?”


Dilon quickly looked away from her lack of clothes with a shiver. Ortha looked exasperated.


“Come on, turn around now.”

“What? No way.”

“Just do it!”


Dilon turned around reluctantly. What he saw was a dog with golden fur who was standing on two legs. While she wasn’t wearing any clothes, he hardly noticed it.


“Really. Why are boys always so lazy when it comes to transforming? Yes, it’s easier to do it all at once, but if you do it by steps, then you can put your clothes on.”

“I-I didn’t know that you could do that…”


Dilon’s ears drooped.


Two Saints wander off into a Different World

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