Makai Hongi – 17

Chapter 17


There was something nice about being on a battlefield with nothing to do for a whole day.

Once the sun came down, we started to eat our dinner. Those who had too much energy to spare started quarreling with one another.


I watched them silently. It was a familiar sight back in my village.


“Where’s Rig?”

“Ah, over here.”


The overly serious adjutant approached me.

“What’s the situation?”


“The staredown continued all day at the center.”

“They didn’t fight?”


“Yes. There have been no signs of any fighting breaking out.”

“What about here?”


“I sent out some soldiers a short while ago, but they haven’t spotted any enemies. Should I send them out again?”


“No, that won’t be necessary. But keep your guard up.”

“Yes, certainly!”


He was always so serious. I didn’t see how relaxing a little would do him any harm.


We had taken their stronghold in just a single day. So the enemy must have panicked. They were taking their time to respond.

Well then, they were more than welcome to just retreat for good.


I had no idea what would happen tomorrow, but we had the power to kill their commanders in a single battle.

That was what they would be thinking. If things went well, the battle may end without further fighting.


After everyone finished eating, I sent soldiers to patrol the area once more.

As expected, they returned with reports that they hadn’t seen any signs of the enemy.


After a while, I received an order from the main camp. A meeting.

I had slept through the last one, so I suppose I would have to attend this one.

“Rig. I’m going to go to the meeting now, so I’m leaving the men to you.”


“You’re going alone?”

“I know where it is now. I’m sure I’ll be fine.”


“No, what I am concerned about, is that you will antagonize the others.”



“Don’t worry about that. Trust me.”

“I am not convinced!”



I switched gears and headed to the tent where the meetings were held.

This time, there was a chair prepared for me. Good.


“Ah, it seems that everyone is here now.”

As always, Corps Commander Nehyor seemed to be in good spirits.


“First, Golan. I received the report yesterday. You defeated their commander. Congratulations. From what I was told, it was Corps Commander Koven, of the Taiga clan. Well, he was Corps Commander to Lesser Demon King Bagzley, but now he is a Commander under Lesser Demon King Leninoth. It is quite impressive that you beat him. Should I be worried, now that we know you can kill Corps Commanders?”


“That thing was barely a hassle. But if you’re up for it, I’ll fight you any day.”

“Ahahaha… I’ll consider that offer.”


“Commander Nehyor, please don’t take his foolish boasts seriously. In fact, a good beating would be warranted now.”

“You’ll get your turn, mongrel.”


I couldn’t help but say.

But if I fought with Corps Commander Nehyor, I would lose without a doubt. I mean, I would die.


“Well, we are still fighting a war here. So how about we talk about that later. Of course, once this is all over, and Golan is still up for it, I will fight him whenever he wants.”



Of course, this was all just for show.

In the Demon World, saying, ‘I’ll bash your head in the next time we meet!’ was basically a signal for saying ‘let’s stop fighting.’ I had no need to worry.


Makai Hongi

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