Makai Hongi – 17


“Alright, now that that is out of the way, let’s continue with the meeting. Things are still at a standstill. I checked up on the enemy in the afternoon, but it seems they have no will to fight.”


There are several ways to check on the enemy. I wonder what he used?

Of course, the easiest method was for people with the special ‘Beastmaster’ ability to use Farsight in order to spy on the enemy.


Once you reached the Corps Commander class, there were many who were able to do this.

Others might be able to fly in the sky and look down from there.


As our army had Bian, it was more than possible.


“So, will things be the same tomorrow?”

Lobos asked thoughtfully.


“Indeed. As for the enemy, it seems they are slowly starting to move their forces to the main camp. In other words, there are signs of a retreat.”


That was good. A full-scale withdrawal would be the best possible outcome.


“That means tomorrow’s battle will be the deciding factor.”

“Yes. They will probably come at us in full force.”


Lobos said and Corps Commander Nehyor nodded.


It seemed like only those two understood each other. What did they mean?

As it annoyed me, I decided to think about it.


We were currently protecting the hill.

The enemy had split into three camps and attacked, so we also split into three and fought back.

Both sides had their main camp in the far back.


As one of the enemy camps was destroyed yesterday, they only had two left.

And now they were merging.


It could be that they were preparing for a retreat, but there was also another possibility.

Either they were switching some of their soldiers or perhaps they meant to hide where they were going.


If they just retreated without doing anything, they might be attacked from behind.

And so there was a need to strike us once and take the wind out of our sails.


So, if they were going to start a fight somewhere tomorrow…


“I see. The Gob-gobs.”


As I had destroyed one of their armies yesterday, the enemy was no longer able to advance to the center.

After all, my men would be able to join the battle very easily.


If they were gathering all of their central forces to the main base, it was likely so they could then focus their attack on Gob-gob’s place.

The strongest of them would have been in the center, and so they had been brought back.


As the Gob-gobs were far away from me, we likely wouldn’t be able to join them in time. And if we left our camp, then the enemy might take advantage of that and attack.


In any case, we couldn’t cross to the other side of the battlefield.


“Correct. And so Lobos’s camp will likely fight a small-scale battle tomorrow. However, they might send some of their strongest men.”


If that was the case, why not strengthen the Gob-gob troops?


“Perhaps you should move our forces while we still have time?”

Take the enemy by surprise.


“They’ll know immediately if so many soldiers are moved. If we can spy on them, there is no guarantee that they aren’t spying on us.”


The average soldier didn’t understand anything about strategy.

If you told them to move, they would complain. And it wasn’t like all of them could move stealthily.


In other words, if the ogres moved, the enemy would know it immediately. There would be no point then, if the enemy changed their plan.

So he was telling us to sit down and be quiet. I couldn’t argue with that.


“Alright, that’s it for today. Good luck tomorrow!”

And with that, the meeting was finished.


As for the Gob-gobs that had been brought up many times in the conversation, they were silent the whole time.

Bian, the wise eagle, had also stayed silent the whole time.


What? Was the beating I gave them that effective?

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