Makai Hongi – 18

Chapter 18


The next day.

As for the war situation, Corps Commander Nehyor’s prediction was accurate.


Nothing happened near our camp or the center camp. 

Though, fighting did erupt around the Gob-gobs.


If we got ahead of ourselves and Lobos left the center to help them, there would be danger of a pincer attack. And so we couldn’t move.

And so the rest of us just continued to stare at the enemy.


“…How boring.”


It was a good thing that we didn’t have to fight. But today, I could actually see the enemy in the corner of my vision.

It seemed that they were there to prevent us from moving.

And so things remained quite tense for the entire day. Now, it was sundown.


Apparently, the Gob-gobs had stayed in formation and survived.

The enemy must have decided that they couldn’t keep pushing.


“And so I am quite sure that the enemy will retreat now. Thank you.”

Corps Commander Nehyor said as he appeared at the meeting. It was as if the battle was already finished.


“Is it really that simple?”

“Yes. After all, there will be no more movement on the battlefield.”


“Is that true?”

“We are at a point where the death of just one Commander will tip the scale. And since they have already suffered one unexpected defeat, they are being very cautious. Isn’t it great, Golan? You’ve rendered us an invaluable service.”


Apparently, the fact that I had defeated an enemy Commander played a big part in this. The enemy must be very shocked.

Especially since he was a Corps Commander class. He would have been one of the strongest among them.


Warfare in this world was not very organized. If a leader died, the subordinates often had no idea what to do.


After all, there were times when only the leader new the plan. But what was more important, was the Orb of Control.


Everyone in the Demon World was controlled by someone.

If there was a battle, a superior officer was always using the Orb of Control to raise their power.


And if that superior officer was dead… Then there was no way that mere soldiers could win. And so they would panic.

The reason that we were able to take their stronghold was because I had killed their Commander.


If not, sixty ogres would not have been enough to destroy a single stronghold.


Considering all of this, the number of Commanders that the enemy had would be important.

If they had too many, they would be weak, as the power would be distributed too thinly.


Four or five was optimal.

And since they had to protect the main army, they may have only sent one Commander out…


“Indeed. Having two of their Commanders killed would tip the scale immediately.”


From what I saw today, they weren’t going to rebuild any strongholds. The soldiers who escaped were in a temporary camp in the far back.

As it had been done in two days, it must have been a rush job.


Let’s just say that there was a Commander there, and we went in and I defeated that Commander.

The enemy would fear such a possibility and would be forced to position someone who was even stronger than the Taiga.


Of course, that meant fewer people protecting the other parts of the battlefield.

Such a weakness could be exploited, resulting in the death of another Commander. And unless the Corps Commander immediately promoted someone else, there would be no Commander.


What was important here, was as I just explained, there would be no point in doing this unless the new Commander was stronger than the last one.

Promoting someone weaker on the same battlefield would just result in another defeat.


Still, that would be difficult. It would be a gradual decline at best.


In other words, losing just one more Commander would ensure that it would be impossible for the enemy to recover.

That’s why Corps Commander Nehyor said the tide would change in our favor at once.


Ultimately, the fighting died down a little every day, and then the enemy finally retreated.

But as they showed every sign of fighting back, we couldn’t give chase.


I watched as the enemy tore down their camps and marched away. And I was happy to know that the battle was over.


“Now I can return to my village.”

I was happier about that than anything.


Makai Hongi

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