Makai Hongi – 54

Chapter 54


It was time to look back on the battle of Lookout Hill.

First, why had Lesser Demon King Leninoth started this fight?

He wanted to swallow up neighboring countries ruled by Lesser Demon Kings. And there were two reasons for this.

The first was to go up against Lesser Demon King Fara, who had suddenly started to expand his domain.

Leninoth and Fara were hardly on equal footing.

According to everything that was said, Fara was supposed to have an advantage.

And so Leninoth was becoming frantic.

Then there was the other reason.

Due to the invasion from the Celestial World, Gekokujyo was becoming incredibly popular in the Demon World.

There was never a better time for it. And so all the Lesser Demon Kings and even Demons Kings were starting to target their neighbors.

In other words, everyone wanted to strike while the iron was hot. It was the best time to take other lands for your own.

In fact, it was happening all around us already. Lesser Demon King Kurulu was already invading his neighbor, Lesser Demon King Lubanga. And there had been recent reports of Lesser Demon King Nacti invading Lubanga as well.

As Lesser Demon King Lubanga was being invaded by two countries, he formed an alliance with Lesser Demon King Rockus in order to beat them.

While this was all happening in other countries, it would have a great effect on us as well.

Currently, there were four countries that were crossing their blades to the south.

Of course, that meant they had no time to bother with Lesser Demon King Leninoth.

Leninoth needed to unite the south under his power in order to beat Fara. And so he decided to start with the smallest country—this one. The country of Lesser Demon King Melvis.

“…I see. So they all retreated.”

I heard the report from Rig, and then looked up at the sky.

The entire enemy army had retreated… In other words, the war had ended.

We had only been stationed at the Lookout Hill.

General Farneze had three Corps Commanders under him. 

Obviously, Nehyor was one of them, and you could say that our victory here had ultimately led to the enemy’s retreat.

“How did the other Corps Commanders fare?”

“Luven was at a disadvantage. I heard that Saneifa was equally matched.”

“And how did they survive until the enemy retreated?”

“Apparently, General Farneze took all of his soldiers in order to support Luven.”

“That’s reckless. The main camp isn’t just some rear guard.”

If the main army went to Luven’s aid, they would be able to win the battlefield. However, what if the enemy’s main army went toward Saneifo instead?

They wouldn’t survive such an attack.

That would result in a clear open path to the castle.

“It is said that the enemy weren’t sure if they should go and rescue them, or secure a different area. We have already won this battlefield. And so they decided to go and help. Of course, it was too late. As General Farneze had already taken it.”

“…I see. So he was able to do it very quickly. That means the enemy lost two of three battlefields.”

“Yes. They must have realized that even if they regrouped, it was only a matter of time before they lost the next one. And so the order to retreat was quickly sent out.”

“And thus the war ended. How quick.”


If they lost two, then they would have to gather what soldiers that remained.

In any case, they had to quickly decide who would be the new Commander and Corps Commander.

And they could not go on the attack before deciding this. Which would mean that there would be just the one army that was alone.

And it wouldn’t do much good for that army to go on the attack while the others fled.

So they had had no choice but to call a retreat.

It was a good decision.


Makai Hongi

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