Makai Hongi – 68

Chapter 68


There were more than ten people attending the meeting.

And they weren’t just Vampires.

All of them likely held important positions within the town.

While it might seem like they had a lot of meetings in the Demon World, this was mainly because of limitations when it came to communication. And so they had little choice.

If you only talked to people you happened to meet, you would lose track of who was aware of what.

And that could be fatal when it came to important matters.

Furthermore, as everyone would have to move based on their own decisions, it would not be good to relay information piece by piece.

As you never knew when you would no longer be able to contact them, no matter how important.

And the people that General Farneze had gathered here were personnel who needed to know all of the details. They were the strongest and most trustworthy.

Except for me.

“All of you, thank you for coming. I’m sure you all know of the reason. We must talk about this messenger that was sent by Demon King Tralzard. First, I will tell you what we know. And then I would like to hear your unreserved opinions.”

And so General Farneze spoke of what led to the encounter, what we talked about and why we were gathered here.

I had thought about it before, but she really was good at explaining things. It was easy to understand everything she said.

And I always felt that it was a great skill. Those who stood at the top should be able to relate information in a way that would not result in misunderstandings.

“…And so, we were able to buy some time. However, we will have to reach a decision before we meet with her in the same place tomorrow. …And now, I will like to hear your opinions.”

Once she was finished, the others brooded on her words for a while.

Unlike Ogres who immediately said what was on their minds, these people were very thoughtful.

It was evident that they were her valued subordinates.

So it was no wonder that she didn’t want any of them to die if she could avoid it.

Of course, that didn’t mean that it was fine for me to die while accompanying her.

And I intended on making that very clear.

“This Miralda. What was she like? …Aside from the facts that you told us, what do you personally think?”

Asked an old Vampires.

As there had been no introductions before we started, I didn’t know who was who.

But judging by his clothes, he was likely an administrative officer. He looked like a politician.

“My impression is that she was here purely for the purpose of carrying the Demon King’s words. What about you, Golan?”

Oh, now she wants me to talk.

Well, I suppose I could give them my first impression.

“In my case, there was one thing that bothered me as we talked.”

“Oh? And what was that?”


Makai Hongi

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