Makai Hongi – 68


“I’m sure that it’s true that Demon King Tralzard is forced in a battle on two sides, the south and the north. However, I didn’t feel like Miralda herself was all that concerned by Leninoth or Fara.”

“Hmm. And?”

“So even if one of them did become a Demon King, I feel she wouldn’t care. But then that doesn’t make any sense. When you think about it, it’s even odder that someone as strong as Tralzard should be worried. And even if he was, it seems much too early to make a move.”

Yes, what was bothering me was that they were moving ‘too quickly.’

Almost as if they were waiting for the war to end. And suddenly they came and told us to stop the ambitions of the other Lesser Demon Kings.

There was no way that they were so pressed that they would come here, essentially asking us to do them a favor.

“So, you are saying there must be some other purpose?”

“Perhaps Demon King Tralzard just wants stability in the east, and Miralda is his messenger.”

“If you take her words at face value, yes.”

“However, if he just wanted stability, he should invade them himself. But he’s taking a very roundabout way this time… That was my impression.”

Of course, she had made some excuse as to why they didn’t want to invade them. But it was not very convincing in my opinion.

“In other words, you don’t think we should accept their explanation as the whole truth. Well, there was something about her manner that suggested she did not care about the outcome all that much.”

General Farneze was thinking back on the encounter.

“In the first place, I don’t know why they would ask us to stop the others and keep this area ruled by Lesser Demon Kings alone. There must be something else they are hiding.”

After saying this much, the others in the council were looking at me with a ‘who are you?’ expression.

Now that I thought about it, I had talked the most outside of General Farneze.

Huh? Why did I only realize that now?

And then I realized something else.

The location of my seat. Why was it next to the General?

Wasn’t this a special seat?

In the Demon World, the best and most powerful were supposed to sit near the leader.

And I was merely an Ogre.

I see, so that was why they were all looking at me like that.

Though, knowing it didn’t fix anything.

It was best to pretend like I didn’t notice. After all, I was an Ogre.

They would just assume I was thick-headed.

“I do have some thoughts about what was just said, if I may.”

“Ah, Felicia. Tell us.”

Felicia, who was the General’s advisor, raised her hand…no, wing.

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