Makai Hongi – 49

Chapter 49


There was only one person I could think of that was capable of shooting an arrow of that size.

“The Gigant Centaur?”

A Centaur who had evolved twice.

A mere ogre was an easy target.

And  then from the crack in the destroyed wall, came armored Centaurs.

Unlike the ones earlier who had been armed with bows, these were clearly meant for close quarters combat. They were wearing heavy armor and all had shields and one-handed swords.

“Take them down!”

I shouted. And as I watched the Centaurs fight, I recalled an old story I had heard in Japan.

It was long ago, before humankind was united.

In an old legend, there was a faun called Pan, who was half mountain goat and half human.

This faun made the lives of people richer. Cultivation, harvests, livestock. But unlike him, there were the Centaurs, who were half human and half horse.

They were known as hunters. Barbarians from the outside. They fought with bows and had aggressive personalities.

When I was reincarnated as an ogre in this Demon World, I immediately thought about a Japanese folktale.

About the red ogre and the blue ogre.

In that case, there were likely other races from legends and folktales.

And so I had gathered information on all the different races. At the same time, I tried to recall all the stories that I had heard in my past life.

After all–they existed here, just as they were known in my world.

I still haven’t figured out an explanation for this.

However, I had one theory.

Even when asking residents of the Demon World who had lived for hundreds of years, I heard no stories of people arriving from the Human World.

And so no humans had ever been seen here.

But there was also a Celestial World and Human World. And an invasion from the Celestial World was considered a very real threat.

There had been a large scale invasion not long ago. There was no doubting the existence of that world.

But what about the Human World?

There was no going back and forth between the Demon and Human World. They just knew that humans existed…they had been told so. That was all.

“Could the Human World…be earth?”

I often wondered about this.

Long ago, a human must have come to the Demon World. Or a demon had gone to the human world and then returned.

And people on earth must have seen residents of the Demon World, and the stories remained as legends.

That’s what I thought.

In Japan, such old stories were talked about normally during the Heian period. That was a thousand years ago. But in other countries, some of these stories went back as far as two thousand years ago.

Perhaps before then, residents from the Demon World had visited earth on occasion.

“It would be a disaster if that happened now. Any warfare would result in huge losses of life.”

The population on earth kept increasing.

But a few ogres going wild in the city could cause a lot of destruction.

That being said, no matter how strong they were individually, the Demon World would likely fall if they had to face the threat of science.

In any case, it was clearly a good thing that they could not go back and forth.

“Well, such are my shrewd thoughts. Or I’m delusional.”

I had died in Japan. And while I was meant to reincarnate into the Human World, I went off course and ended up in the Demon World… No, that also seemed ridiculous.

Oh, well. Right now, I had to deal with the enemy that was in front of me.

When you looked at the Centaurs with their spears and heavy armor, they seemed impenetrable.

However, I had knowledge. Knowledge that would make it easy to take down armed Centaurs.

“Target their legs!”


Makai Hongi

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