Cave King – 116

Chapter 116 – A Reliable Man!!



Coppa howled happily when Mappa got onto its back.

Mappa also looked like he was having fun as he made Coppa run.

“They’re already friends.”

Muttered Fule. Then Mappa slapped Coppa’s rear as if to tell us to get on as well.

“Uh… I think I’ll pass. Besides, Lord Heal. Are we really going to take Coppa with us?

Aries answered her first.

“I think that would be a great idea! It keeps the other monsters away!”

“I see. The other Chimeras won’t come near us if they hear its voice.”

Fule agreed as I nodded.

“Yes, we should be able to avoid any fighting. Coppa. Will you come with us?”


“I guess that’s a yes?”

I asked, and Mappa nodded eagerly as he petted Coppa’s smooth head.

“Alright then, let’s go. Shiel, if you could lead the way.”

And with that, Shiel began to move through the underground city.

We passed the same storage house on the way.

But the Chimeras still seemed to be afraid of Coppa, and they would not come near us.

“Things are a lot easier now… Hmm, are there?”

After about ten more minutes passed, Shiel suddenly stopped.

Apparently, the giant, round building in front of us housed the machine.

“We need to fix what is in here.”

Shiel’s body shook vertically.

“Then let’s go in. But we don’t know what might be waiting for us inside, so be careful.”

And with that, I tried to enter the building.

However, I paused upon seeing the condition the door was in.

“It’s broken… Did the Chimeras do this?”

“Then they might still be inside?”

Fule suggested, and Shiel nodded.

“I’ll cast Shield and walk in the lead then.”

I walked over the remains of the door and came out into a hallway.

It went out into a straight line with no branching paths.

However, there were Shining Stones in the walls and ceiling, making the path very bright.

“It’s a nice hallway. Ah, we’re almost there.”

Once we were out of the hallway, we were in a wide open space the size of some temple.

“Uh, what is this…?”

Much like the other places we had seen, everything was white and uniform.

However, when I looked at the floor, I saw that there were lots of fragments of metal scattered everywhere.

And there were also some blue, glowing stones among them.

After gathering them all, I realized they were Mithril, Magic Stones, and Heart Stones.

“So, are they the remains of Golems? Something like this has happened before.”

“Yes, the place with the wine.”

As Fule said, this wasn’t the first time we encountered the remains of Golems.

There had also been fallen Golems in the temple where I found the first Ascending Stone.

“Did they just fall down naturally? I wonder.”

However, these Golems were made of Mithril.

It was hard to believe they would just crumble like rock.


The Cave King will live a Paradise Life -Becoming the strongest with the mining skill?-

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