Cave King – 116


…Could it be the work of Chimeras? However, judging by the fragments, these Golems were equipped with swords and armor. Could the claws and fangs really turn them into rubble?

In fact, even Shiel looked very surprised by this scene.

“In any case, that can wait. We should continue on our way and fix the machine, Shiel.”

As if she suddenly remembered about that, Shiel turned around and headed for the room in the back.

Here, there were numerous metal pipes that wound into each other in a complex nest.

“So this is it. I see, it is definitely broken.”

There were several places where the pipes had burst. So that’s why the control device didn’t work properly.

Was this also the work of claws and fangs?

“So, Shiel. Can you fix it?”

Aries asked.

Shiel was quiet for a moment and then slowly shook her body horizontally.

Then she lowered her head as if to apologize to us.

“There’s no need for you to apologize, Shiel. I doubt many people would be able to fix something like this… In that case, our last hope is…”

Our heads all turned to Mappa, who was riding on top of Coppa.

Mappa pointed to himself and then scratched his head.

It was like he was saying that he was waiting for us to ask.

He quickly got down from Coppa and inspected the pipes.

It was unusual to see such a serious expression on his face, and he took his time.

After a while, Mappa nodded to himself.

“Ohh! So you can do it?”

Mappa nodded.

Apparently, he could do it with the Mithril scraps scattered around and some fire magic.

“You’re so reliable. Alright, let’s do it.”

And so we got to work on fixing the control device.

However, it did not take long before we heard the echo of footsteps by the entrance.

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