Cave King – 117

Chapter 117 – It was broken!?


“With this many Magic Stones, you can make more residents that look human!”

I nodded at Fule’s words.

“Yes. And the more we have, the more surprised the people of Sanfaris will be. …Hmm?”

As I gathered the rest of the Magic Stones and Mithril, I sensed magic energy approaching us from behind.

And then a few seconds later, I heard the echo of footsteps.

“Footsteps!? Who is there?!”

Fule noticed it too, and she quickly raised her hands towards the entrance.

When I turned in that direction, I saw that there was a figure standing there in heavy metal armor.

“Did one of the Golems survive? Huh!?”

The intruder suddenly pointed its hand at us and unleashed a storm of fire.

Of course, we had Shield up, and so the flames did not reach us.

As the fire raged around us, Aries raised her voice.

“We’re being attacked!?”

“I thought the Golems were under control now?!”

Fule was right. Shiel had said that the underground Golems would not attack us anymore.

Shiel herself looked puzzled by this.

But perhaps this Golem was different from the ones she knew about.

There was something about it that was clearly different.

I could tell by its magic energy. It was thick in five different spots, suggesting it had multiple Magic Stones.

“It can do more than just fire magic… We have to fight back. Fule, I need you to cast Shield as well!”

“Oh, uh, okay!”

Fule cast another Shield in order to strengthen the first one.

In the meantime, I unleashed my own fire magic. It collided with the Golem’s fire magic, and sparks and waves of heat filled the air. But my fire still won.

However, the attack was blocked.

Apparently, this Golem could use Shield as well. And though the Shield was then broken, it seemed like it had another layer of magic protecting its body.

It reminded me of the time I fought the floating Golem.

They had been equipped with Magic Defense Stones and Magic Absorbing Crystals.

“This is bad… Maybe I’ll just have to use my pickaxe. Huh?”


Coppa howled loudly, and then it jumped towards the Golem.

“Coppa, wait! It’s dangerous!!”

I quickly cast Shield on Coppa.

And then as if to lend support, Taran unleashed a web towards the Golem.

The Golem pulled out a golden sword and cut down the webs.

That’s when Coppa, who ran at a speed that my eye couldn’t even follow, punched the Golem with a wild swing.

“Good one, Coppa! Leave the rest to me!”

The Golem crashed into the wall, and I swung my pickaxe into it, intending on this being the final blow.

Then the Golem became invisible and disappeared. Into my Inventory, that is.

“Oh, good teamwork!”

Fule said as she petted Coppa and Taran on their heads. I had a feeling that Fule had been waiting for her chance to touch Coppa’s head…

Still, I had not expected Coppa to put itself in danger for us.

Though,  it was quite reckless, so I would have to have Mappa teach it to be more cautious.


The Cave King will live a Paradise Life -Becoming the strongest with the mining skill?-

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