Cave King – 117


But then again, it will likely just become very similar to Mappa, and end up wandering around everywhere…

Well, something would have to be done.

“You’ve improved a lot, Fule. Thank you for casting Shield. So, what is this thing…”

The remains of the Golem were now in my Inventory.

There were Magic Stones, Magic Defense Stones, Magic Absorbing Stones, and Orcihalcums.

They were all familiar to me, and there were a lot of them.

However, there was one thing that was quite odd.

There was no Heart Stone.

Instead, there was something else I had not seen before.

“Cardiac Stone…?”

It was the word that doctors in Sanfaris used to describe the bloody bag that beats inside of your chest. It existed in not just humans, but animals and monsters as well.

It was the weakness of many living creatures and what kept them alive.

This stone…

According to the Encyclopedia, Cardiac Stones were broken Heart Stones. And they could be used when creating Golems.

“Hmm… Shiel, do you recognize these?”

I asked, but Shiel shook her body to the side.

“I see… Apparently, this Golem used a Cardiac Stone instead of a Heart Stone.”

Shiel tilted her body as if she was even more confused.

“The Advisor says it’s a broken Heart Stone. Maybe that’s why you couldn’t control it.”

Perhaps I could try using it when creating a doll?

We might be able to find out why it attacked us if I made it out of Ryukin.

“Hmm, Mappa?”

I saw that Mappa was now resting and petting Coppa’s head.

The pipes in the back of the room were already repaired.

“You finished already!?”

Mappa nodded and then puffed out his chest with a smug expression.

Fule sounded very impressed.

“Really, this is the one thing you can really rely on Old Mappa to do.”

“Thank you, Mappa. However, it would be dangerous to leave it like this.”

More Golems might come here again.

I had a feeling that the appearance of the last one was not a coincidence.

However, Mappa hit the pipes as if to tell me that I shouldn’t worry.

“You’re confident in its durability? In that case…”

I took out two Magic Stones and placed them in front of the pipes.

Then I carved Shield magic into the stones.

“This is just a temporary measure. We’ll have to consider how to defend this place properly later. Alright then…”

I said, and Shiel nodded.

She then controlled the machine, and then we returned to the room that we found Aries in.

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    • I might be getting it wrong, but the Cardiac Stone should be a lesser version, a fragment of the Heart Stone. Now, about function, the heart stone should make a fully autonomous golem, while the cardiac stone… probably more of a puppet, thus hinting at the fact that this mess isn’t over, and more similar golems/puppets might come later.

      • Going from what happens in later chapters once they test the Cardiac stone this might be a mistranslation.

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