Cave King – 118

Chapter 118 – Problem After Problem!?


“So, I wonder what will happen…”

I was watching over Shiel as she noisily fiddled with the machine.

Would she be able to return the souls of the people that currently inhabited the slimes?

After a moment of hesitation, Shiel pulled a lever.

We were then surrounded by the echoes of rattling sounds.

Then the walls opened up all around us, and we could see the tanks that were filled with water and people.

Eventually, the water was drained out, and the doors opened.

“What the…huh…?”

They said as they woke.

“Are we returned!?”

“Our bodies are back to normal!”

They came out of the tanks. Some of them shook hands while others embraced and shouted with joy.

Shiel used the control device to talk with me.

“Lord Heal! It worked! …Now we are finally…. Oh, I do not know how to thank you.”

“No, I’m just relieved… But, what will happen to the slimes now?”

“They will have memories of everything that’s happened up until now. That will not change.”

“I see. In any case, this is very good news.”

I said. And then Fule turned to Shiel.

“Aren’t you going back too, Shiel?”

“Huh? Well…there are some of us who cannot return, just like the dwarves. And so I think I shall stay like this for a while. Besides…no…nevermind.”

Shiel suddenly changed the subject.

“In any case, I will give out orders to those who have awakened. They seem a little odd. Perhaps there are gaps in their memories.”

Indeed, it looked like many of them were tilting their heads in puzzlement.

I nodded to Shiel.

“Very well. So, can I leave them all to you?”

“Certainly. You’ll want to look into the stones, no doubt.”

“Ah, the Cardiac Stones. Yes, that’s true.”

So saying, I decided to return to the surface.

I left the protection of the city’s entrance to the defense team, which was composed of Golems and monsters.

Furthermore, as she was still worried, Fule decided to join them for the time being.

As Fule could use Shield, this was very comforting for all of us.

Well, it looked like it would be a good idea to create a very strong door in the near future. In fact, I had already discussed it with Mappa.

And so I returned to the surface, and then headed towards the foot of the World Tree, in order to make a report to Baris and Rienna about the control device.

When I looked towards the port from the entrance, I could see that buildings were already being constructed.

The people that Leila had left behind were very helpful, and they were planning to make the kind of stone buildings that humans lived in.

“Things seem to be going well.”

The rooms that we currently had within the caves were not bad.

However, I sometimes missed being in buildings on the surface. I was too accustomed to them.

Even I could help stacking stones, and so I thought that I would go and help them later.

It was with such thoughts that I arrived at the World Tree.

Rienna and Baris were staring hard at a map that was spread out on the marble, round table. And they were talking about something.

“I’m back. What are you two doing?”

“Oh, Lord Heal. I was just asking Baris’s advice on the expansion of the fields!”


The Cave King will live a Paradise Life -Becoming the strongest with the mining skill?-

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  1. MC resurrects ancient, ultra-tech civilization that’s been trapped in slime bodies for 10,000 years, then moves on with his day immediately.

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