Makai Hongi – 50

Chapter 50


The third arrow came towards my forehead.

And it was very precise.

“I don’t think I can get close to him.”

These things that flew towards me weren’t so much arrows or spears. They were logs.

However, judging by the fact that he was only targeting me, he must be very cautious.

He somehow understood that I was the only one on the battlefield who could hurt him.

“I suppose that I should feel honored.”

However, the current situation just made me hate him all the more.

The fourth and fifth came flying.

Had I not dodged them by rolling away, I would have been hit.

Not only could I not get close to him, but it was difficult to dodge his attacks.

“Maybe I should just retreat.”

I thought, but shook my head.

No, I was not going to forgive this boss who sent his subordinates into the miasma zone.

I would put an end to him, here and now.

“I do have a plan, but I can’t do anything unless I can get closer.”

And there was nowhere to hide in the open battlefield.

I could see that he still had plenty of arrows left in the quiver on his back.

I doubted my luck would outlast it. So, what could I do?

I concentrated and dodged the arrows that flew towards me.

The enemy maintained his distance. He wasn’t coming any closer.

“He’s really cautious of me, huh?”

He would still be able to shoot quite a few at me, even if the distance was halved. And yet he was trying to kill me from as far away as possible.

I had now already dodged ten arrows.

Cold sweat ran down my back. We weren’t even fighting, and yet I was out of breath.

“My concentration won’t last…gahh!”

I was too slow, and one of the arrows scraped my left thigh.

A generous amount of skin peeled away, and even more blood sloshed down to my feet. My ankles felt slippery.

“Damn it…seriously.”

I couldn’t take my eyes off of the enemy, but I could tell that a lot of blood had run.

Having my leg get hit was the worst. It meant that dodging his attacks would be even harder now.

What should I do? Retreating seemed like a good idea, but I was sure he would just move forward if I moved back.

And if I turned my back on him, he would kill me in one shot. But I’d only grow weaker if I stay here.

Maybe I had no choice but to slowly try and run away… Hmm?

It was as I was thinking this, that I saw a gray robe in the corner of my vision.

There was no mistaking it. That was Painy the Reaper.

She had come, leading the other Reapers.

Had they gone around so that the Gigant Centaur wouldn’t see them?

The Reapers were among the top when it came to evil spirits, so they wouldn’t have had any trouble getting through the low ranking monsters.

Still, it would have been quite reckless to come around in so short a time.

“That…it’s the idiot siblings.”

Saifo and Beka were there too. Leading some ogres.

The ones I left by the second wall.

They must have finished annihilating the Centaurs. But it was so soon?

And they had also followed the Reapers and gone around the battlefield?

The Gigant Centaur had not noticed the Reapers, who were behind it.

In fact, he seemed to be quite confident that there was nothing close by that could hurt him.

“I see… So they remembered my plan after all.”

It was a good thing I had told Painy and the others.

When she raised her hand, the ogres ran forward all at once. Once they had gained speed, they began to throw iron balls.


Makai Hongi

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  1. “No, I was not going to forgive this boss who sent his subordinates into the miasma zone.”

    —– says the guy who sent his subordinate in a disadvantageous fight

    “What should I do? Retreating seemed like a good idea, but I was sure he would just move forward if I moved back.”

    —– yup what an idiot, he didn’t ran away earlier when he was still fine cause of his pride and that mantra

    tbh, this line of thought only made him stupid, he should have sucked it up, after all that’s the result of his own doing, so he should have the will to see it through

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