Makai Hongi – 50


It was one part of my secret plan that I had prepared.

A weapon that was made of three iron balls that were attached by chains.

It was a primitive hunting weapon known as a bola.

You hold the chain and swing the balls over your head.

Centrifugal force would cause them to rotate as they flew towards their target.

And then the balls and chain would wrap around the thing you hit. However, the Gigant Centaur now noticed that the ogres were approaching.

And so I dashed forward so that its attention would return to me.

He likely didn’t know what a bola was. Perhaps he didn’t see them as a threat.

Regardless the bolas went flying into the air. More than ten of them at once.

And they wrapped around the Gigant Centaur’s neck, torso, and legs.

“They did it. …I had actually prepared them to take down flying enemies, but I’m glad that it worked.”

When training in the village, I was worried about how much I should train them.

Ogres were considered to be weak compared to the other combat races.

And so I wanted a surprising weapon to make up for that difference.

I thought long and hard in order to find a weapon that even they could use.

And one of them was a bola.

“They can’t handle anything complex. And I wouldn’t be able to make it.”

And so I had them practice many times with the bola.

As we made adjustments, the iron balls grew bigger.

Apparently, I had underestimated their strength.

They improved so much that I thought they might even be able to take down a wyvern if they worked together. But I hadn’t expected them to perform this well.

The second volley also caught the Gigant Centaur, binding its movement.

As I had told Painy about this strategy beforehand, she must have led the ogres for me. To be honest, I was quite thankful.

“I see the idiot siblings are enjoying this.”

They were throwing one bola after another. And they bared their teeth as they laughed. It was kind of creepy.

Regardless, the boss’s feet were bound up now, so there was no fear of it running away like the last time.

However, that didn’t mean that it was no longer a threat.

“Hey, idiots. Don’t get so close to it.”

If it came down to a physical fight, the Gigant Centaur would turn ogre flesh into a pulp in seconds.

Anything he touched would be gouged right out.

“But Golan, this guy can’t even move now.”

“That’s not true. Those chains will break if he goes wild.”

The only reason why he wasn’t doing that now, was because he didn’t want to take his eyes off of me.

He knew that any distraction would mean his death. He believed it, and that was why he wouldn’t look away.

And so I walked towards the Gigant Centaur and asked the other me.

(I guess this last part is for you. Are you up for it?)

…Apparently, yes.

I could feel the roar shudder through my body.

“Now, the stage is set. Let’s finish this.”

The timing was perfect.

And so I passed the baton.

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