Makai Hongi – 132

Chapter 132

○ Dardaroth’s Army – Corps Commander Miaza

On one of the roads leading to the royal capital.
Currently, Rous’s army was split up into multiple corps as they marched.

Corps Commander Miaza was the one who braved the vicious advance of Rous’s army. But now that the enemy’s attacks had settled down, they were finally able to breath again.

“Non-combatants, go and repair the walls. Carry the wounded to the back! Where is the backup corps?”
While the enemy had withdrawn for now, they were sure to reorganize and then attack again.

“I have confirmed the backup corps’s approach. They will reach us soon.”
“I see. Then we will have to stay here.”

He had planned to abandon this site and fall back to the town behind them. But there were too many wounded for that.
Up until yesterday, most of them had been able to move by themselves.

But today’s attack had increased the number of wounded, and now the majority of them could not rise from their beds.
And they could not be left behind.

Miaza looked at the healers who were working.
Three days ago, they had sent a request to the castle for reinforcements. They had arrived just a moment ago.

That being said, they were just a few who had been sent ahead of the others. The main army would take longer to arrive.
Still, it was better than nothing.

While he thought this, according to what he heard from the advance party, the other battlefields were also in a terrible state.

“I had assumed that Ruiz would be doing better, since they’re close to a town…”

Corps Commander Ruiz was also stopping the enemy’s advance near a different road.
Apparently, the enemy were more numerous there, and so reinforcements had been swiftly sent from the castle.

However, the castle had a limit on how many men it could send. They weren’t being conjured out of thin air.
And so they had to recruit soldiers from nearby towns and villages.

While this allowed them to easily increase their fighting force, they risked having an army that was filled with amateurs.
Soldiers who did not understand orders would not move in the way that you wanted them to.

Sometimes, they would get in the way of others, and when they crumbled, they all crumbled at once.
When it looked like you might lose, it was often better to not have any new soldiers around.
However, being thoroughly outnumbered meant low morale.

“Still, I was sure that Ruiz of all people would manage.”

Ultimately, the reinforcements had not been enough. They had abandoned their fortress and were in the middle of retreating.

“…I was hoping that Ruiz would come flying to us. But things don’t happen the way that you want them to.”

Miaza said with a dry laugh.
Miaza was of the Limping Tengu clan. And while they were good with magic, flight was very difficult.
In order to avoid being shot out of the sky, they generally stayed on the ground and fought with magic.

On the other hand, Ruiz was a Fowl Tengu, and showed his true abilities once he took flight.
If Miaza and Ruiz worked together, they could unleash unending chains of magic attacks from both the sky and ground. They would have made a deadly combination.

“They’ll be coming soon. Prepare to fight!”

The enemy had rested and were getting back in formation.
Movement had been seen in their camp.

After a while, part of their walls opened up, and something huge stepped out.

“…!? It’s Golems. The enemy is serious now.”
Golems were slow on their feet, and so they would be able to destroy them with magic before they reached them. They were disposable walls.

However, some of them would reach this camp.
And Miaza knew well how strong the Golems were.

These repaired walls would be destroyed very easily.
In front of him now, the Golems fell one after another as they were hit with magic. Still, they did not stop.

It only needed to be ten. If ten reached them, the enemy could win.
That’s what they would be thinking. And so Miaza gave the order.

“Annihilate them with your greatest firepower!! It will be the end of us if they reach the walls!”

They could not hold back here.
A staggering amount of magic bullets were launched towards the Golems.

The sounds of destruction echoed everywhere, and explosive winds sent clouds of dust high into the air.
Their vision was robbed for a moment, and what appeared next, was something they had not expected–an Armor King Turtle.

“All of you, prepare for impact!”
Miaza made the decision immediately.

While Armor King Turtles were slower than Golems, they could break through nearly anything.
If they got close enough to ram against the walls, there would be no stopping them until they reached the back of the camp.

Immediately after, an Armor King Turtle smashed into the walls, and Miaza’s body was thrown into the air amidst a hurricane of wooden shards.

○ Battle on the Road – Farneze

After getting her men together and running to the scene, she found that her comrades had already crumbled. The enemy was running right over them.

“All of you. We charge now!’

Farneze shouted. She stood in the front herself as she led her men towards the enemy army.

The enemy must have been very surprised.
They were on the brink of victory, and then an army appeared right behind them.

They had been suppressing the road as they marched, but now someone had taken them from the rear.
We have to turn around and fight them at once…that’s what they seem to have thought, as several corps reacted to Farneze’s charge. However…

“Too slow!”

Farneze had not charged due to an overconfidence in her own strength.
She had the ability to back it up.

And so they scattered the enemy that got in their way, and continued to move in a straight line.
Before they knew it, they had gone through the enemy army and reached their comrade’s camp on the other side.

Her subordinates were the same.
They were desperate to keep up with the General, and they fought hard.

“I guess we should go back again.”
If they could fight on their way here, they could fight on their way back.
Thinking this, Farneze took her men and charged into the enemy camp once again.

And during their second assault on the enemy, Farneze was lucky enough to run into the enemy Corps Commander.
It was there that they fought one on one.

Farneze’s army was victorious.

“…Where am I?”
When Corps Commander Miaza awoke, the sky had turned madder red.
But he wasn’t lying on the ground. He had been put on some kind of board.

He sat up and looked at his surroundings.
The battle was over, and people who were not his men were working around him.

“Are they…from General Farneze’s army?”
He understood this after seeing the Vampires.

“Are you awake now?”
It was Miaza’s Adjutant.

“What happened?”
“General Farneze arrived as a reinforcement, and our side won the battle. They’re cleaning things up now.”

“What!? The General came here herself? I must go and thank her. Where is the General?”

“She said that she had something important to do, and returned alone. Furthermore, all of the surrounding roads are now covered by the General’s men. It is safe to say that we have won over there as well.”

“I see…we won. And the General already left…”
It was obvious that she had come here in spite of being very busy.

“Have you contacted General Dardaroth?”

“In that case, we must do our duty.”
He had to ensure that the roads were safe. They would likely have to stay up for the entire night.

Still, Miaza felt that this was preferable to fighting the enemy.

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