Cave King – 168

Chapter 168 – We made a boundary!

“Thank you. You were all a great help.”

I got off of one of the Cave Spiders and thanked them.

As Taran was not with us, we had the other Cave Spiders carry us to the holy place. Some were Taran’s children and others were from the underground city.

Thanks to them, we were able to arrive at the holy place as if chasing the running soldiers.
The soldiers were in a panic and started running for their lives when they saw the Cave Spiders. Well, it was no surprise, as they could be very scary.

And perhaps it was because of this tremendous fear, that they did not come out again after they had entered the holy place.
There was no one guarding it from the outside now, and the gates were closed shut.

Erevan spat with exasperation.

“Hah. They have no spine.”
“But this is quite convenient for us. Now we will be able to build the wall without being disturbed.”
“Yes. The Cave Spiders and I will guard the area, so you can work without worrying, Chief.”

I nodded to Erevan.

However, Alyssa looked at me with a worried expression.

“Is it really safe? You should allow me to post my own soldiers here as well.”
“No, we won’t need them. However, could you prepare some water and barrels?”
“V-very well.”

And so Alyssa and the guardians rushed off towards the city.

In the meantime, I used the workshop feature and started to cut out stone blocks to use for the wall. And since I also wanted mortar to strengthen them, I created cement with limestone.

Eventually, Alyssa returned with other people from the city. They were all carrying barrels of water.

I put the cement into the barrels and mixed it to create mortar.
As one of Mappa’s apprentices gave me instructions on the right formula, I had no problem making it.

Still, Mappa… He had yet to make his reappearance.
He would usually just pop up out of nowhere.
Well, now that I thought about it, this was work that I could do. And so maybe it wasn’t the right time yet.

Once I finished with the mortar, I started to lay down the stone materials.
Then I added the mortar between and above the stone and created another layer on top…
I just had to repeat this process over and over again.

I was used to doing it now.

As for Alyssa and the other people of Arancia, they raised their voices as the wall grew higher.
Some were puzzled as to why we were even building a wall here, but they were satisfied once Alyssa promised to explain it to them later. Clearly they had a lot of respect for her.

It was possible that there were some among them who did not wish to be permanently cut off from the holy place. Maybe some still had hope that the royals would save them. Perhaps she would tell them once we had helped, and eased their minds a little.

I could see people on the other side, looking at us with wide eyes, but as the stones piled up, their faces became hidden to us.

And then after an hour of working… A great wall that was four times taller than a person was now standing before us.

Now no one would be able to move into and out of the holy place. Of course, unless you used siege towers or ladders.

But I doubted they had siege towers in their little haven.
We could hear murmuring coming from the other side, but nothing to suggest that they were preparing to attack.

That being said, it would be necessary to be cautious.
And so I asked the Cave Spiders to watch the holy place from on top of the wall.
As there were also stairs, I would have them post Arancia guards later on.

“Th-there really is…a wall…”

Alyssa looked up at the wall with a stunned expression.
The guardians and civilians were also raising their voices in astonishment.

Erevan folded his arms and muttered proudly.

“Didn’t I tell you? Our Chief could do it without breaking a sweat.”
“But it would be so much faster if I could make mortar on my own.”

I said while checking my inventory.
I had used up a lot of rock materials… Well, I guess I could just dig up more.

Just then, Rienna’s voice rang.

“Lord Heal! We brought the food!”

I turned in the direction that the voice was coming from, and saw Rienna leading a long line of Slimes.
The Slimes were all carrying barrels and boxes.

“Oh, Rienna. And the rest of you came as well!”
“Yes. But this is just the first group!”

Under Shiel’s guidance, the Slimes put down their cargo in a neat pile.
It was like we were at a small market now. There were so many crates and barrels.

And they contained fish and seafood that had already been cut up.

“So, they’ve already been prepared.”
“The cooks all worked very hard. After seeing Alyssa, they realized just how hungry the rest of the people must be.”
“But they already work so hard making food for the people of Sheorl… I’ll have to go and thank them later. So, what are you going to make?”
“We’ll start with a fish soup. I think that way, we can feed the most people. Lord Heal, will you help us make a fire in order to heat up the pots? I want to have stone blocks piled so they make a square.”

Rienna looked towards the giant pots that she had brought with her.

She had said that they would send ten thousand fish at first.
The Arancia population was thirty thousand.
And so she would have realized that grilled fish would not be enough for everyone.

“Of course. I’ll start right away. But first…”

I turned towards Alyssa.

“Alyssa. We’re going to start cooking now. And we want to be able to feed as many people as possible. Can I leave it to you?”
“We have a rationing system, so it should be fine. There are several rationing points throughout the city, so we just need to tell everyone to bring their own plates.”
“Very well. Then we’ll bring the pots to those places.”

And with that, we started making the soup.

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