Realist Demon King – 130

Rosnay’s Escape

The captain of the ghost ship, Francis Rosnay, was moving towards us at a speed that did not match his great size.
The city guards were astonished by this. Even Jeanne and Toshizou did not expect it.
Rosnay took advantage of this, and crushed the guards who stood there with their mouths open.
He would grab them by the neck, smash them into the ground, and break their bones.
The tentacles that sprouted from his back were also breaking their necks.
They would even lash out and pierce the stomachs of the guards.
He was unstoppable. But Toshizou was quick to react.

He moved between Rosnay and the guards, who were overcome with fear.

“Surely pirates can do more than attack the weak? Fight me instead.”

Rosnay licked his lips at this confident challenge.

“A samurai from the east. And a Hero from another world. Well, you should be good enough then.”

His tentacles stretched out.

The writhing tentacles on Rosnay’s back started to attack Toshizou. Toshizou slashed at them with his blade, but there was no end to it, no matter how many of them he cut.

Not only that, but the cut off tentacles seemed to have a will of their own, and they too attacked him.

Toshizou was in danger, but then Jeanne stepped in. She cut through the tentacles with her holy blade.

And while the holy power from her sword seemed to purify them so that the tentacles disappeared, it did not affect Rosnay himself.

And so Jeanne swung down with her sword at Rosnay.

“They say you are invincible. But I’m going to put it to the test.”

Indeed, Marco had said something about that. But was it really true?

And so I watched Jeanne’s attack carefully. However, it seemed that Marco’s information had been correct.

Jeanne’s holy blade did go through Rosnay’s body, but the wound started to bubble, and close up again.

“So it’s true! You’re a monster!”

Jeanne said. She hated creatures that went against god’s natural order.
And since I felt much the same, I unleashed an attack of my own.

I created a Fireball in the palm of my hand and threw it at him. But even as he burned, he was calm.

In fact, he barely reacted to it, until one of his half-fish subordinates threw water on him.

This was the type of enemy that could not be defeated through normal means. And so I prepared to use forbidden magic, but I was not able to unleash it.

It was just as I was finished chanting. Rosnay gave the order to retreat.

Either he had detected that I was about to use forbidden magic, or he realized that he was at a disadvantage. I wasn’t sure. But when I looked behind me, I saw that reinforcements had arrived from the city.

And so I sighed with relief. However, the blood-thirsty saint seemed like she still wanted to fight.

“I won’t let you get away!”

She said as she chased after Rosnay. But I stopped her.

“Wait, Jeanne. Rosnay is running away. There is no need to chase him.”

“But it would be such a waste to let him get away.”

“No, it won’t. They suffered great losses today. A taste of what they’ve inflicted in the past.”

I said, and then knocked Jeanne to the ground.
She reacted frantically.

“Ahh! The Demon Lord has lost control. He’s overtaken by passion.”

She said with flushed cheeks. But it was quite the misunderstanding.
And so I showed her the spot where she had been standing.

“See. There is a hole.”

What? She looked at it dumbly. And so I explained it to her.

“That man was hiding a cannon in his hand. Really, he looks like an octopus, but has high-tech hands.”

I then saw that Rosnay’s left arm had opened, and smoke was rising from it.
He was clicking his tongue in annoyance. He was angry that he had missed.

“I suppose that’s his hidden trick. But it also revealed something else to me.”


Jeanne asked. But if I told her all of it here, she would probably go and attack him again, so I would shorten it.

“I know the weakness to his invincible body.”

“That’s amazing. What is it?”

“Well, that’s a secret. I will tell you during the next fight.”

I said to Jeanne, but I kept my eyes on him. I had seen his left eye flash when he targeted her. And it had also flashed when his body was regenerating during the fight.

When the magic activated, his eye would shine. In other words, it was the source of his power and his weakness.

I could take advantage of that if we fought again, but we weren’t in a position to do that now.

The wounded guards were crying in agony all around us. And I didn’t want to abandon them.

And so I allowed Rosnay and his men to retreat, and went about casting healing magic on the wounded.
Perhaps it was strange for a Demon King to be using healing magic, but it was something that I was good at.
And so I healed the men who were on the brink of death.

However, there were so many that were wounded, and I couldn’t help all of them. But Jeanne was a Saint, and so went into Saint Mode and began healing them as well.

Jeanne, I, and a few priests went around and saved lives by casting healing magic.

Our efforts were rewards, and over half of the wounded survived in the end.

The rest was up to the doctors. They were no longer in danger, and so it was with some relief that I was able to return to Marco’s mansion.

What awaited me there were words of appreciation for protecting the port.

“You were marvelous, Demon King. All of us conservative merchants admire you greatly. I think at least half of the city will follow you now.”

And then Ryoma made a suggestion.

“Demon King. This means you’ll have sponsors. You can hire skilled mercenaries and be the one to go on the attack next time.”

I listened to her words and nodded slowly.

Captain Rosnay had to be defeated. If he was free, the reformists would continue to have a hold on the city.

And while I had no intention of reaping the riches of this city, I did want to gain the trust of these merchants.

That way, we could trade, and the city in Ashtaroth would grow wealthier.

I needed to hunt down this pirate in order to do that. I told them all this, and they agreed with me once again.

“If it’s for you, Demon King, then I do not fear for my life.”

Eve said, ending the conversation.

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