Realist Demon King – 90

Reunion in a Dream


The night before the battle against Demon King Zagam’s conqueror, Jochi.

Soldiers gathered to Ashtaroth castle in preparation for tomorrow. It was on such a night that I had a dream.

I usually did not have dreams, but this one was very vivid.

It felt like something between a dream and reality.

As I fell asleep at night, I awoke in my dream.

The person that appeared before me was the Goddess I had first met when coming to this world.

She drank from a teacup while sitting on a chair that was floating in the air.


When she realized that I was awake, she raised her right hand and said,



I was confused.


“Ah, I need to make a chair for you.”


She said. And then a white chair appeared facing her.

I sat down on it, and then she asked if I wanted any tea.

She teased me when I said that I did not.


“They say that you’ll wet the bed if you drink something in your dreams.”


She was always so childish and hadn’t changed at all since I first met her.


“That’s not the reason. It just so happens that Eve is an expert at making tea. And so I’m not interested in drinking anyone else’s.”


“Huh. That maid is that good, is she?”


“A master.”


I said modestly. Then she said that she would like to taste it one day.

And so I told her that she was welcome to visit whenever she liked. She smiled but then narrowed her eyebrows.


“Thank you for the invitation, but we’re not allowed to go down to the surface very often.”


“But you’re allowed to appear in the dreams of humans?”


“Yes, yes. I could call every night if I wanted.”


“That would be a problem. I’m very busy.”


“And so you want to get a good sleep?”




“I see. Well, perhaps I could send you a succubus in your dream.”


“That will have to wait until I have finished conquering everything.”


“Huh. Is that what you’re trying to do?”


“You’re the one who told me to.”


“Yes, I did say that. I did.”


She nodded to herself.


“Of course, that’s just something that we say to all of the Demon Kings. We can’t exactly tell them that they’re likely to die very soon.”


“Well, I won’t give up so easily. I won’t die without a fight.”


“Yes, you’ve proven that already. I’m surprised you reached this point.”


“We have to make do with the cards that we are dealt with.”


“Your cards are what? Being a realist, strategist, and Demon King?”


“Well, I also have brilliant subordinates and some luck.”


“And with all of that combined, you defeated Demon King Sabnac and Demon King Eligos. And also Decarbia. I don’t think there are many Demon Kings who have accomplished so much in just a few months.”


“The alternative was death. And so I was desperate.”


“Well, it proves that I made the right choice with you. You probably will become a great Demon King one day.”


“I hope so. I want to rule the world soon so that I can live in peace.”


The Legendary Rebuilding of a World by a Realist Demon King

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