Realist Demon King – 170

Free Command

We had defeated a pack of medium sized dragons.
Not only that, but I had reunited with a strong ally, Robin Hood.
Furthermore, he said that he wanted to join the Ashtaroth army.

It was more than I could have hoped for, and felt like a stroke of good luck. However, there was no time to celebrate.

Because of what Robin said next.

“I told you that Fuma Kotaro called me. According to him, your tactician is heading to Ismalia castle in order to save you.”

“You must mean Eve. Well, that’s no surprise. Our first escape had failed, after all.”

“She means to defeat the count on the field and then surround the castle.”

“That is good to hear. Eve never disappoints me.”

I praised her. And then Robin said,
“We should go then.”
And he pointed to the upper floor. We could make use of the chaos and escape from the castle.

He was very adept, but would have to wait a little.

“Why are you hesitating?”

“I’m not hesitating. I’m looking for the old man who had been fighting alongside Toshizou a moment ago.”
The old man seemed to have disappeared. But Toshizou explained to me what had happened.

“Ah, that old man. The moment that you killed the second drake, he said ‘I knew he would succeed,’ and then he left. It seems that he accomplished his goal in this dungeon.”

“Without even saying goodbye.”

“Aye. But he said we’d meet again anyway.”

“I’m sure we will. But will it be as friends…”

I muttered under my breath so that the others didn’t hear me. However, it seemed to have been heard by Su, who was Robin’s lover. And she climbed up my shoulder as if worried.

I petted her throat and whispered, ‘don’t worry.’ And then like that, we headed to the upper floor.

I had guessed that the exit would be right after the forest area, and I was right. The exit that we reached took us to the courtyard in Ismalia castle.

And there were no guards.

Thanks to Eve’s attack, the security here had been weakened.

“She really saved us.”

I muttered. And then we rushed up the castle walls.
I cast flying magic on Toshizou and Robin and we flew over the walls and out of the castle.

According to Robin’s information, Eve was going to attack from the southeast side. In that case, we could reunite with her if we went in that direction. At the same time, we might encounter the count’s army.

This was pointed out to me, but I replied boldy.

“We’ll deal with it when it happens. They will have their backs to us anyway. If we reach them before the clash, then we will break their formation and wait for Eve to arrive. There is no need to go around them.”

‘Ah,’ said Robin with an impressed look.

“You really are an up and coming Demon King. Your strategies are bold.”

“When making a bet, I go all in. It’s easier for a Demon King like me, who has nothing.”
“And yet have been winning up until now. It’s quite impressive.”

“Aye, I think so myself. But my good luck won’t last forever. But I think that I’ll be able to make it through this time.”

“Based on what?”

“Because the greatest archer in the world has joined us.”

‘I see,’ Robin said with a laugh.

Ultimately, we did encounter the count’s army.
And we succeeded in going around to their back. In other words, they were fighting against Eve.

She had led my soldiers and was waiting. But upon hearing of my failed escape, she had moved the soldiers.

It seemed that she was going to attempt to rescue me.
So it wasn’t so much a plan, as her being provoked into action.

“The hammer of justice shall fall on Count Ismalia for dropping my master into a hole. Cut off his head!”

It was said that Eve was consumed by fury as she shouted this.

That was unlike her, as Eve was always so calm. But that was how angry she was that I had been dropped into the dungeon.

The soldiers felt her anger, and it almost looked like it was a battle to avenge my death.
And in spite of having inferior numbers, they overwhelmed the count’s army.

However, when one moves based on emotion, it is easier to read them.

I couldn’t help but make this observation. And I was mostly right. While watching from the back, I could see a raid unit going around to the rear of the Ashtaroth army.

If this continued, they would be taken by surprise, and could possibly collapse.
Thinking this, I gave an order to Robin and Toshizou.

“Go and bring me the head of that raid unit’s leader.”

Toshizou replied.

Said Robin in a grandiose voice.

Their answers really showed their personalities. And so I watched from the back.
First, Toshizou cut into the raid unit.

That being said, there were nearly a hundred of them. It would take a lot of courage to cut into them. But Toshizou was like a mass of courage, and he seemed to hardly notice them.

Even though arrows flew from the side and magic exploded at his feet, he continued to take down the soldiers from the back and move forward.

On the other hand, as Robin was more of a regal and intellectual character, he didn’t charge, but shot the soldiers from the back. He aimed at the eyes, foreheads and throats of those who tried to catch Toshizou by surprise, and took them down.
‘You didn’t have to do that,’ Toshizou muttered. But deep down, he knew that the help was necessary.

Just as I had guessed, the two made a good team. Toshizou was the sword and Robin the bow.

Now I wanted subordinates who could be the horse, spear and axe, but now was not the time to wish for such luxuries.

Once I was sure that the two would destroy the raid unit, I flew over in the direction where Eve was.

Flying over the heads of soldiers was dangerous, but I used magic to defend myself from their bows, and descended next to Eve.

As she looked at with with surprise, I said,
“I’m back. …It seems like I caused you to worry.”
Upon hearing this, Eve’s eyes filled with tears.
“I wanted to meet you.”
She said with a bow.

“You exaggerate. We’ve only been separated for a few days.”

“While that is true, in just those few days, a great emptiness has opened up in my heart.”

“Well, I will have to fill it up somehow. Perhaps I will give you a gift once we are back in town.”

“Rather than a gift, I would like to pour you some tea.”



I had never heard of a commander pouring tea on the battlefield. But it wasn’t too unexpected, coming from Eve.

Now that Toshizou and Robin were here, things were likely to remain stable. And so I granted her that wish.
I gave her five minutes.

The succubi who were Eve’s guards brought out a table and chair, and laid out a tablecloth. Eve was boiling water and checking its temperature.

The tea that resulted from all of this care was very delicious.
I enjoyed the scent of the tea as I gazed at the battlefield.

“I doubt there have been any other commanders to watch the battlefield in such an elegant way.”

I said. And then Eve replied,

“Well, there are no great leaders like you, master. There never has and there will never be again.”

While she was exaggerating, I didn’t deny it. Instead, I wanted to think and come up with ways to minimize our losses while getting the best results.

I ordered Eve.

“In a minute, Toshizou will cut off the head of the leader of that raid unit. Or Robin will put an arrow through his eyes. The rest will take Ismalia’s army from the side. And then the enemy’s battleline will collapse.”

“And then you will go in all at once.”

“Aye, there are some extra soldiers in the left wing. Take some of them and move them to the center. And then we just need to push forward with brute force. And the enemy army will fall apart.”

“Very good, master.”

“You can praise me after we win.”

I said jokingly. And then we waited for the orders to be delivered.
Ten minutes later, the orders reached the soldiers, and the enemy army was ready to run away.

My prediction had come true, and the enemy army collapsed. They could no longer maintain their morale, and the Ismalia army began to retreat.

And they locked themselves up in the castle.
Like this, the battle ended with our absolute victory.

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  1. He says he’s got the best sword and bow and wants the best horse, ax and spear. He really is trying to assemble a full team of Servants isn’t he? Toshizou is Saber. Robin Hood is Archer. Fuma Kotaro is Assassin. Jeanne is Ruler (obviously). So best horse would be Rider and best spear would be Lancer. What would best ax be? Berserker? I guess Ashta himself could count as Caster unless he manages to get some other famous magic user like Merlin or whoever.

    Anyways that was a bad move by the Count’s troops. Holing up in a castle when they’re up against a Demon King who specializes in magic? The castle and everyone in it are probably gonna become a smoking crater shortly.

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