Realist Demon King – 148

Fried Chicken

And so it was decided that a chicken house would be built in Ashtaroth town.

This would be more difficult than a cow house or pig farm. Because the one I was trying to make would be in the broiler style.

You could have many chickens at once and keep feeding them in order to fatten them up.
Jeanne declared that it was like Foie Gras, and it was indeed similar.

My strategy was to feed them great quantities of highly nutritious food so that they were well fattened by the time they were shipped off. The roosters and hens would be separated, and the hens would lay lots of eggs.

I even wanted a contraption so that the eggs would roll away and gather together after they are laid. That way, we could save money by hiring fewer laborers, and the meat and eggs could be sold for cheaper.

While my demands might have sounded outrageous, it was not too difficult for the dwarven craftsmen. And they told me that it could be done if I prepared for them a material that would absorb the shock when the eggs fell. They were very reliable. And so I took the shock absorbing material out of the klein bottle and handed it over to Gottlieb.

After that, he drew up the blueprint and left the construction to his apprentices. It did not even take a month for it to be completed. The land had already been bought in advance, and the foundation laid.

The wood frames and bricks had also been ordered and so it just needed to be put together. Not only that, but we weren’t at war with any other countries now, and so soldiers could be used. Giants and trolls were excellent when it came to carrying heavy materials.

Like this, the chicken house was built. But I also quickly made preparations for what we would do after.

That meant preparing the chickens and their food. As they would be living close together, I chose chickens that were strong against diseases, and food that was high in nutrition.

The chickens were a mix between the aurora breed, which were also popular in other worlds, and a breed called hikui, which were raised in the southern mountains. The auroras were strong against illness, while the hikui had a lot of meat and laid large eggs. And so we had both productivity and taste.

The problem was the food. But here, I would use Kongming’s help. He knew a lot about chickens, and suggested that I mix Mandragoras into their food.

“It will make the chickens tough, and the hens will lay eggs every day.”

He did add that this method would result in ‘eggs with red shells.’ But that wasn’t a problem.
If anything, if Ashtaroth eggs were red, they would be recognized immediately, which could be good for branding.

In any case, I wanted it to be a source of nutrition for the people. And ultimately, I wanted to have enough so that we could export them to other cities.

Like this, preparations for breeding chickens were completed. But there was one more thing we had to do. And that was deciding on how we would use the chicken meat. To be precise, how to use the hens that were no longer laying eggs.

Normally, they are eaten, but older hens are not very tasty. It was the same for nearly all animals. They tasted better when they were younger.

As I debated with the others on how to overcome this problem, a maid knocked on the door of the meeting room and entered. She was pushing a cart which had a lot of pieces of chicken on it.

A delicious smell filled the meeting room.

“What is it?”

Jeanne asked with shining eyes.

“This is called fried chicken.”

“Fried chicken…”

The Saint salivated as she watched.

“It’s a dish made by covering the chicken in batter and frying it. Master was the one who came up with the recipe.”

“Really! That’s amazing, Demon King.”

“No, it’s not. You just fry it in oil.”

“But the process of steaming it first, and using a lot of spices in the batter was your original idea, Master.”

“Why do you steam it first?”

Asked Jeanne.

“To make it cook evenly.”

“And the spices?”

“It makes them fiery. Besides, we must make use of all the spices we’re getting from Berneze now.”

“You are a genius, Demon King… Munch-munch.”

Jeanne had already reached out her hand and was throwing the pieces of chicken into her mouth.

At this rate, she would eat all of it by herself and so I gave everyone else who was present a piece as well.

Jeanne looked angrily in my direction, but I ignored her.

“Like this, even old chickens will be delicious.”


Eve agreed.

“To show my gratitude to the Hero who created this recipe, I am thinking that the store that will sell them will be named in his honor.”

“Oh, so this wasn’t your idea?”

“Aye, I found it during my research of another world.”

“That world must be filled with wonderful dishes.”

“Indeed. However, the texts I studied had been partially eaten away, and I don’t know his full name.”

“How much do you know?”

“Apparently, It was something like ___nel San__s. That is the person who came up with it.”

“…Nel Sans?”

“Aye. In spite of creating something so magnificent, we do not even know his name. It is very unfortunate.”

But there was no pointing moping about it now, and so I continued.

“So I’ve decided to take the letters that we do know and call the stores Nelsans.”

“That’s wonderful. It has such a pleasant ring to it.”

“Indeed, it does.”

Jeanne agreed as she sucked on a bone.

“And according to the texts, these Nelsans stores had statues of an old man in the front. And he always wears white.”

“That is…rather disturbing…”

Jeanne said.

“I agree with you. But that is apparently Nelsans. Besides, it would draw attention. And so I think we should also make a wax figure of an old man.”

I suggested. And one of the young dwarves started to work on it immediately.

White clothes, a beard like a magician, a kind face. The finished figure looked like it would be well-received by children, but I wasn’t sure if that was how it was supposed to look like.

As I tilted my head and studied it, I realized that the face was missing something. And so I put a pair of glasses on the figure.
And just like that, there was an undeniable uniqueness to it.

“This will become very popular.”

I knew it now. And so I had them make several figures and place them by the five stores that would be set up in the town.

Starting with five stores might sound excessive, but when the chicken house was completed, Nelsans would become a local speciality.

Merchants from far and wide would rave about it.

And like that, Ashtaroth town became famous for its chicken, and the problem of nutrition was greatly improved for its citizens.

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