Realist Demon King – 105

Sakamoto Ryoma’s Daughter


When you are in a fight, it is always important to make the first move. And so I acted quickly while they had their guard down.

Eve liked to say that I was a perfect gentleman. But that was only in my office.

It was during rough times like these that my instincts for battle kicked in.

And so the mercenaries burned due to my fireball.

The others desperately tried to put the fire out. Well, they cared about each other, at least.

Perhaps I didn’t have to kill them, I thought. And so I weakened the flames a little.

Still, the fight would continue.

It seemed that they wanted to take my head no matter what.

A mercenary that wielded two curved swords came charging at me.

While I could have stopped him with magic, I had something that was more reliable than any barrier.

Something with golden hair.

And a holy sword.

A warrior who was always hungry and always smiling.

She unsheathed the Nouvelle Joyeuse from her back and rushed out in front of me with all of the speed of a bird of prey.

The first of the mercenary’s two swords was destroyed with just one hit, and then her blade moved to deal the final blow.

She had the eyes of a hunter.

Jeanne had a personality that was fitting for one called a Saint, but she transformed on the battlefield.

Her eyes changed color when she thought I was being threatened.

She had killed many enemies for me, but I preferred it if she avoided unnecessary killing.

“Jeanne, keep them alive if you can.”

Jeanne raised her sword and then froze for a split second before swinging down.

Instead of aiming for his neck, she decided to destroy his remaining sword instead.

After that, she was careful not to deal any mortal wounds during the fight.

I too stood next to her and supported her with magic. However, Jeanne was not very pleased.

“You are too kind, Demon King. These men came here to kill you.”

“Well, there are still things that we don’t know about them. Besides, doesn’t your religion…your god say that ‘thou shalt not kill’?”

Jeanne had no answer to that.

“Only this once. If it happens again, I shall kill them. God may have said that it is wrong to kill, but he also told me to protect you.”

“He told you not to kill, but he also wants you to protect someone who causes wars…”

“It is not a contradiction. You are going to make a peaceful world, aren’t you, Demon King? And this world, there will be no war?”

“Indeed. That’s the world I want to make.”

A world where someone like Jeanne could live in peace.

A world where a maid like Eve could make tea without worry.

Dwarves will swing their pickaxes every day and elves will pick mushrooms in the forest.

Demons, humans and demi-humans would be treated the same.

That was the world that I wanted.

“Then that is what is most important. I don’t care about the lesser details.”

Jeanne declared as she thrust her sword at the neck of the leader.

And then she addressed him coolly.

“You are in luck. My Demon King is merciful. If you leave now, we will spare you your lives.”

I was shocked by just how cold her voice was. It was so different from how she usually sounded. On the battlefield, she was like a goddess of war.

I was taken in by the sight, which turned out to be an error.

After all, I had missed that there was an archer hiding in the shadows.

And he aimed for Jeanne’s heart, as she was the closest to him.

Damn it. I thought, and tried to raise a barrier, but there was not enough time.

Thankfully, the arrow was not unleashed.



The Legendary Rebuilding of a World by a Realist Demon King

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