Realist Demon King – 95

Strategic Provocation


Jochi, the Hero of the Plains, arrived on the battlefield half a day earlier than was planned.

Had he been just ten minutes earlier, we would have been attacked on both sides at once, and we might have been defeated. It was a chilling thought.


“However, that did not happen. In fact, the enemy is hard-pressed now.”


Eve said. And it was true. The results were better than I could have hoped.

Zagam was killed right before he arrived.

Now things would be much easier.

I had muttered this out loud, but I turned out to be wrong.

The Hero of the plains that arrived on the battlefield immediately disrupted all the ideas I had laid out on my desk.

He absorbed what remained of Zagam’s army and promptly launched an attack.

Arrows flew from afar and his shock troops charged. He was very good at using both of them.

And like that, my army took a heavy hit so soon after defeating Zagam.


His mounted troops had all the strength of Mongolian warriors. Once I understood this, I chanted a spell and caused meteors to fall over the field.


Though, I had to be careful so that I did not hit my own soldiers.


The enemy forces seemed quite surprised by this attack, but by that time, I had reigned in my troops and had them stand behind the defense line that had been set up.


During this time, the enemy continued to unleash a storm of arrows down on us. And so the soldiers who could use magic were made to create barriers above the others.


However, these barriers in the air could not withstand the impact of hundreds of arrows, and they started to shatter.

Upon seeing this, I created a spherical barrier over them.


“Why is it in the shape of a sphere?”


Eve asked.


“A flat surface does not allow for the force of the arrow to distribute and escape. This way, I can maintain it longer.”


Ultimately, the spherical barrier I created did last longer than the others and saved many lives.


Upon witnessing this, Eve was quick to shower me with praise.

Which I was grateful for, but it was still too early for that.

In fact, I was too busy with dealing with Jochi’s monstrous attacks.


After several hours, all the surviving soldiers huddled together behind the defense line and caught their breaths.

The enemy was not foolish enough to charge into us when we were very capable of dealing with mounted soldiers.


Jochi would watch us from afar and sometimes rain down arrows over us. But once he saw that this wasn’t too effective, he drew back to a high hill and waited.


That was a good decision on his part.

He was living up to his reputation so far.

When I said this, Toshizou opened his mouth.


“It’s very well and all that you can fairly appraise an enemy. But aren’t we in a very dangerous position?”


“What do you mean?”


“If this becomes a battle of endurance, it’s our side that will suffer. They have mobility on their side. What if they were to attack Ashtaroth castle?”


“Ah, that is what you mean. There is no need to worry about that.”


“Are you certain?”


“Yes. Indeed, I had considered that our mostly unprotected castle might be attacked. However, I am going to lure Jochi here. This iron defense will be where we settle things.”


“That seems a little too convenient.”


“It will happen. Who do you take me for? I have a reputation to uphold. And this will be one of those times where people will brand me a coward.”


“In other words, you are going to carry out a cowardly plan?”


“Yes. And my reputation will only fall further down.”


I said self-deprecatingly. And then the Saint with golden hair interfered.



The Legendary Rebuilding of a World by a Realist Demon King

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