Realist Demon King – 157

Skewered Dragon

We ran to the spring where Jeanne waited. While it was several kilometers away, it would not take long to reunite with her.

The reason for this was that Jeanne was fighting off the dragon while moving in our direction.

“So, that blonde lady is capable of following directions.”

“Yes, it’s a great help. I don’t want her to challenge the dragon alone.”

“Because it will be bad for your reputation if the Saint defeats it without your help?”

“You’re not wrong, but it would also be boring if I don’t get to put my plan into action.”

“Plan? Are you talking about the giant tree you made me cut?”


In fact, earlier, I had asked Hijikata to cut a large tree in the shape of a pile driver.

“I won’t ask you what you’re going to use it for, but you made me act like a lumberjack. So you better buy me a drink later.”

And then he specified the brand, White Dragon’s Tears.

“I don’t mind. But just one drink. And I have another request.”

“Then it will have to be two drinks. So, what is it?”

“I believe that we’ll encounter the dragon as soon as we make it out of these trees. Will you strike the first blow when the fight begins?”

“What? That’s easily done.”

Toshizou put a hand on his sword hilt as he ran.
I counted.

“…1, 2, 3, now!”

At the same moment, Jeanne came running towards us and jumped into my arms.
A brief moment after, the dragon appeared.

It had blue scales and knocked down trees as it ran after Jeanne, but something flashed right in front of its gaping maw.

With an impressive sword draw, Toshizou Hijikata unleashed the attack on the Sky Dragon.

It had not been expecting this attack the moment before devouring the Saint, and the Sky Dragon lurched in shock. Toshizou’s attack was strong, and bore enough weight to make even this great dragon fall back.

Still, the Sky Dragon turned to face him, as if to say that it would not be phased by this. But Toshizou just muttered calmly.

“You reek of alcohol and human guts. Now that you know the taste of human flesh, there is nothing to do but put you down.”

While the dragon would not have understood his words, it shook with fury and attacked him.

It’s tail was like a tree trunk as it came swinging in an attempt to crush Toshizou, but he easily twisted out of the way and then swung his blade.

In just one hit, the tip of the tail was torn off. The severed piece writhed on the ground like a lizard’s tail.

“The tail can be used for materials.”

“I will roast it and eat it!”

Jeanne and I muttered. I then handed to her the holy blade, and she raised it in the air.

“Now that you’ve been marinated, it’s time to cook you.”

Jeanne slashed with her holy sword, and a shockwave assaulted the dragon. The holy light shredded the dragon’s wings, and it let out a roar.

“Will that stop it from flying?”

Jeanne asked. But I wasn’t sure. However, this did make it easier for me to carry out my plan.

I turned to Toshizou and shouted.

“Toshizou, keep attacking it while running back to the place we were earlier.”

“Understood. You’re going to use the stake then.”


Jeanne moved in between us.

“What stake?”

“We’re going to skewer that dragon.”

I said as I grabbed Jeanne and jumped back.

“Oh, you are stronger than I thought.”

Jeanne said happily, but I ignored her and continued to move away while waiting for Toshizou to lure the dragon away.

After taking in a deep breath, I put Jeanne down and started to chant. I created a massive pillar of fire in order to encourage the dragon to ‘fly.’

The dragon came just as I had expected, and then it beat its wings in order to avoid the pillar of fire. It was as if it barely noticed the damage that Jeanne had inflicted.

However, its vitality would be its downfall.

The moment that it rose into the air, I chanted another spell. It was ‘Tornado.’ The violent swirl of wind slammed into the sky dragon, tearing its wings up.

After that, its wings looked like a torn up rag. Immediately after, it lost its ability to stay in the air and came crashing down. Right into the stake Toshizou had made.

The stake made out of the giant tree was frighteningly sharp. Any living creature who fell upon it would be pierced. I had made it with this purpose, and it worked exceedingly well.

After falling on the stake, the dragon let out a thunderous death cry, ‘GRAAAAAHH!!’ It echoed throughout the forest.

It went straight through its stomach and came out the back. And so it died immediately. Even a dragon could not survive that damage.

Jeanne looked at the dead dragon with an expression that suggested she was wondering whether she should eat it or not. I patted her on the head.

“We will not eat the Sky Dragon for the same reason that we didn’t eat the wyvern.”

“Because it does not taste good?”

“There is that, but because it has eaten human flesh as well.”

“I see. It would be adjacent to cannibalism.”

“I’m surprised you know that word.”

“Your maid has been teaching me.”

“Eve? She must have left the castle by now.”


“But we’ve taken quite the detour.”

“Yes. But I want to take at least one more day off.”

Jeanne was curious about this feast that the village was going to prepare. To be precise, she was interested in what kind of food would be served.

Normally, I would not have agreed to it. But I still had that promise I made with the old man in the mist. And so we would likely spend a few more days in the village anyway.

And so without saying anything about the old man, I told Jeanne that we would stay in the village for a little longer.

‘You really do understand,’ Jeanne said with glimmering eyes. I felt just a little guilty. As we were staying purely due my own personal business.

And so I patted her on the head again to brush away the guilt.
Her hair was very soft and smooth to the touch.

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